Violence & Post-Traumatic Growth Initiative

The Positive Psychology Centre supports researcher, practitioner, and organisational projects on Positive Psychology for Violence and Post Traumatic Growth.

The Violence & Post Traumatic Growth Initiative partners with Combat Academy Community Support Division (CACSD) and GET Therapy Ltd. on the experience of self-defence training for women. It has a further partnership with CACSD on the development of a Level 3 Certificate on Working with Victims of Crime, which is a CPD course for certified self-defence instructors, and has partnered with Inner Athletics on the motivation to start, continue, and teach self-defence and martial arts (2019).

The initiative runs a Courage Scholarship for Violence and Post Traumatic Growth. This includes one year of preliminary training as a Positive Psychology Practitioner followed by a 6-12 month qualitative research project. The scholarship is aimed at people working within the context of violence and trauma in or related to the military, police, security, humanitarian, human rights, and development sectors.

The following Courage Scholars are considering projects related to domestic abuse, sexual violence, criminal violence, and war-related trauma. These projects will be undertaken in 2021.

The initiative partners with CACSD on the delivery of the following training programs:

We are also open to building academic and organisational partnerships on research and training on Positive Psychology for Violence and Post Traumatic Growth.

For more information on our research projects, or to propose a partnership study of your own, please contact us at: