Somatics & Kinaesthetics Research & Practice Initiative

The Positive Psychology Centre supports researcher, practitioner, and organisational projects on Positive Psychology for Somatics and Kinaesthetics.

The Somatics & Kinaesthetics Initiative partners with Inner Athletics on research related to the intersection of Positive Psychology, Movement, Exercise, and Sport.

The initiative is currently researching the motivation to practice a form of movement, exercise, and/or sport, and how this changes over time, embodied aspects of character development, and cognitive-somatic approaches to Positive Psychology movement-based interventions around fear and anxiety.

Students on the Level 5 Positive Psychology Practitioner diplomas (coaching and training pathways) who have a professional background in Somatics and/or Kinaesthetics, or a form of Movement, Exercise, and/or Sport, may link their Module 2 and Module 3 case study research to this initative from 2020 onwards.

Three Wisdom Scholarship positions are due to be made available for this initiative in 2023, subject to funding.

The initiative is also open to building academic and organisational partnerships on research and training on Positive Psychology for Movement, Exercise, and Sport.

For more information, or to propose a study of your own, please contact us at: