PPN Launches the SquarePeg Not-For-Profit Initiative

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An exciting Not For Profit Initiative has launched in Yorkshire means that young entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds may be able to access significant grant funding to launch and be supported in business…

A unique approach to grants…

SquarePeg is a viable business in its own right, and what this means is that it does not have to access pots of funding that come and go, and that are difficult to secure in the first place. Instead, it is a socially focussed enterprise that gives back and creates a benefit to those who become part of it… By joining SquarePeg, your business will grow, and you will be helping others to grow at the same time…

Something truly Unique, exciting and with the potential to transform social media has arrived in Yorkshire…


What is it?

SquarePeg is an innovative new social media platform which is aimed at businesses. What makes the project truly different is that the emphasis is on positivity, support, collaboration and business. When compared to Facebook or LinkedIn, these are concepts that many feel have been lacking… Going beyond this, SquarePeg is a not-for-profit project, and members of the platform subscribe and pay a membership fee. In return for this, they are able to attend real-world networking events, and to also use the platform to build a network, become a thought leader, access or contribute to e-learning, and do all of this in the knowledge that the membership fees are contributing to a very good cause.

The cause

SquarePeg is all about business, and in particular it aims to issue grants to young entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds. Grant beneficiaries will also be able to access mentoring, support and services from SquarePeg members who come from all walks of business life. The collective experience of all of the members means that young entrepreneurs will have expertise within the field of business planning, marketing, finance, graphic deign, web design, social media expertise and much more…

How is “disadvantaged” defined?

Disadvantaged is defined in the following way:

Educational Disadvantage – where the individual has not been able to achieve grades that would enable them to excel within the workforce.

Social Disadvantage – where the individual has experienced disadvantage due to ethnicity, class, criminality in the past, or negative self-image

Financial Disadvantage – where the individual does not have access to a financial support network

Geographical Disadvantage – where the individual lives in an area that is remote, isolated, or has limited work opportunity

The Vision

SquarePeg aims to become a powerful force within grown-up social media across the UK. Initially the Project has launched in Yorkshire – which is the home of the Positive Psychology Network – the organisation behind the initiative. The Positive Psychology Network (PPN) is a think tank, research Institution, and awarding body / professional membership organisation for Positive Psychologists, Leaders, Coaches and Mentors. It promotes, upholds and develops National Occupational Standards within its field.  PPN also supports and implements projects that have a significant positive impact on common societal issues. The current issue of negative online communication in the form of trolling, fake news, underhand reviewing online, cyber security are all areas of special interest to PPN which is researching the concept of “Positive Online Citizenship” as a potential area for education within schools. SquarePeg has the potential to change the face of social media for business, and bring back the best of the online and real world which has been lacking.





The Mission

SquarePeg is looking to achieve 500 members across Yorkshire by September – and release the first round of grant funding for application. With this in mind – you can assist in this by joining the network from as little as £10 per month or by booking onto one of the networking events where you can experience the buzz first-hand and find out more…

Growth Potential

The potential for growth of a concept like SquarePeg is massive says communication expert Meriesha Rennalls – a telecoms expert and senior manager within the Organisation Noise.

I joined SquarePeg to promote the telecoms aspects of our business and how it can assist small businesses in creating a big presence. I instantly recognised the potential of SquarePeg for our business, and as a socially responsible organisation – the fact that we are able to help others in doing so is a big win for us. Having experienced SquarePeg as a platform and how the organisation runs its real-world networking events – I can see this enterprise rolling out across and frankly making a huge impact nationally…

The Future

SquarePeg is now gathering momentum across Yorkshire, with events already running in Doncaster and Sheffield, the plan is to be Yorkshire-wide and releasing the first round of grants at the end of the year. Following this – a plan for UK roll-out will be implemented.

What can YOU do?

The simple answer is: Join SquarePeg as a member and come to our events! Visit the website now to find out more, book onto one of the events, or take the plunge and join the hundreds of other businesses across Yorkshire and join…




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