We offer a limited number of grants to support student research on topics related to Positive Psychology. These are subject to availability and a criteria selection process. All grant recipients will be supported in producing papers for the PPN Journal.


Current Research

Our research team is currently working on a number of themes, including:

  • Positive Strengths in Autism
  • Courage & the Polarity of Hope & Fear
  • Violence, Trauma & Post Traumatic Growth
  • Positive Performance in Life, Work & Sport
  • Positive Motivation & Teambuilding at Work
  • Learned Helplessness & Professional Burnout
  • Positive Emotions, Somatics & Inner Strength
  • Positive Leadership Lessons from the Martial Arts
  • The Power of Positive Narratives & Appreciative Inquiry

If you are interested in developing your expertise in a particular area, and contributing the field of Positive Psychology, please contact us at