We offer Individual Membership for Positive Psychology Practitioners and other professionals whose work is affiliated with Positive Psychology.

In addition, we offer an Organisational Membership category for companies and organisations that practice Positive Psychology and follow Positive Organisational Psychology policies and practices.

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(1) Professional Membership (Practitioner)

Annual Fee: £150

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You hold a Level 3+ qualification in Positive Psychology in Practice or Applied Positive Psychology from a reputable education provider.*

Membership Benefits:

Please note if you are a Professional member, it is a mandatory requirement to join the Register of Practitioners and to hold insurance in your respective geographical area. Your annual fee covers the application to join the Register of Positive Psychology Professionals, and it includes free insurance if you practice within the UK.

*To check if your qualification is on our list of approved training providers, please contact us at Other qualifications and experience may be considered.

As a registered Professional Practitioner Member, you may use the letters, PMPPG, after your name.

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(2) Organisational Membership

Fee: Starting at £250 annually***

Please note that this membership category does not include liability and insurance coverage. Payment options include bank transfer, direct debit, and PayPal (admin charges apply).

The Organisational Membership category is for organisations and companies who wish to integrate Positive Organisational Psychology policies and practices into their work.

Your organisation must either:

  • Employ a qualified Positive Psychology Practitioner and PPG Professional Member
  • Hire PPG or another consultant who is a qualified Positive Psychology Practitioner and PPG Professional Member

This person should be qualified to guide the organisation through the integration of Positive Organisational Psychology policies and practices into a new or existing framework.

As an Organisational Member, you will be led by a PPG Professional Member. Your company or organisation will be legally registered for practicing Positive Psychology, and you will have your own liability and insurance mechanisms in place for professional practice.

Organisational membership is renewed every year and includes:

  • Special subscription rate to the Journal of Positive Psychology
  • Organisational rates on membership events
  • Organisational rates on CPD courses and events
  • External accreditation (CPD points) for your Positive Psychology training event or course (subject to criteria)
  • Option to run PPG accredited CPD courses through the membership site (subject to criteria)

Organisational Members are also welcome to apply for accreditation services.

For further information, please contact us at:

***Please note that this is an estimated fee; the annual fee is based on your organisation’s size. £250 is the fee set for small businesses (1-10 employees). If you are an organisation with more than 10 employees, please contact us for more information.

For further information, please contact us at


Further Information for PPG Members

Why become a member of the Positive Psychology Guild?

Positive Psychology is a rapidly expanding approach to coaching and training delivery. It brings the science of wellbeing and practice of flourishing to multiple domains, from the classroom and training centre to the workplace, playing field and beyond. Yet those who train in and practice Positive Psychology might wonder where they belong. Should they join a coaching or training body for accreditation, licensing, and membership? Or should they join a psychology or counselling body?

We understand what it’s like to feel out of place and in search of a home or somewhere to belong. This is why we set up the Positive Psychology Guild. In joining us, you will have the opportunity to join an emerging UK membership, accreditation, and licensing body dedicated to the support of professionals such as yourself.

A common challenge for Positive Psychology Practitioner and Applied Positive Psychology graduates is whether they need to acquire a further degree in Psychology and training that covers the diagnostic areas of mental health (e.g. through the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or the DSM). This is an important topic to explore if you plan on working in clinical areas as you will need to ensure you are both qualified and insured to do so, and are affiliated with a professional body overseeing ethical practice.

For those who wish to practice Positive Psychology in non-clinical settings with functioning individuals (and organisations) who are looking to develop, grow, and flourish, then your qualification in Positive Psychology in Practice or Applied Positive Psychology is the one to hold on to. You will understand how to work within your area of qualification and experience, and refer people (and organisations) for further support if needed.

One of our key objectives over the coming years is to contribute to the regulation of Positive Psychology in Practice, in terms of qualification, practice, and chartered status. In this regard, we have issued a set of Professional Guidelines for Positive Psychology Practitioners. All of our students are trained in the ethical aspects of practice, as well as the scientific education required to develop an evidence-based practice. We also encourage our students to develop a research-driven approach to their work.

As an organisation, we believe Positive Psychology in Practice can sit alongside Clinical Mental Health support. The same practitioner may even integrate both approaches into their work.


How do you benefit from becoming a PPG Professional member?

Whether you intend to integrate your newly acquired skills into an existing role, set up a solo coaching or training practice, or become a fully-fledged training centre, we would like to help you. We understand what it is like to graduate and not have the support needed to develop a professional practice. It takes time to build the knowledge, systems, network, and experience needed to thrive as a practitioner. There are no effective shortcuts in this regard, or at least we wouldn’t recommend taking them.

We also understand what it is like to be a more seasoned practitioner facing different types of challenges. For example, how do you retain your client base, and what do you do when your professional interests shift and transform over the years? How do you refresh your client base then? What about further training or qualifications needed to help you make this shift in practice? And what about the need for peer support?

Professional affiliation and belonging to a professional register where you are required to abide by ethics matters when working with clients. You will join the Positive Psychology Guild (PPG) Register of Professionals as a Professional member. This includes an annual review process to continue being registered to practice.

The Register of Professionals is hosted by the PPG membership site. Entry to the register is included in your annual membership fee.

The Professional membership category also includes UK-based liability and insurance coverage. This covers your Positive Psychology Practitioner qualification areas (e.g. Character Strengths & Virtues, Authenticity, Meaning & Purpose, Resilience & Wellbeing, and/or Motivation, or any other Positive Psychology topics you have studied formally or trained in), Positive Psychology Interventions, and Coaching if you are also a qualified coach.

As each country differs in their legislation for practice insurance, if you live outside the UK, we recommend checking with a local insurance policy provider and national requirements for practice in this regard.


How else do we support your growth?

We advocate for the advancement of Positive Psychology as a research discipline and area of practice as we believe it has the potential and has been shown through research to have a positive and lasting impact on people’s quality of life. We anticipate that if you have read this far, you might feel the same!

Through our Education, Membership, Research, and Project functions (you can read more about these here), we contribute directly and with optimism to the development of Positive Psychology as an evidence-based approach to helping people to grow. Each of these functions offers ways for our members to connect with our work and contribute to the achievement of a greater whole. For example:

  • Professional and Organisational Members may apply to join one of our Positive Psychology Centre research initiatives (see here). If you are a member who is already qualified at Level 7 and experienced in research methods, you may enter a research initiative project directly or design your own with our supervision. If not, we will support you in getting there.
  • You may also apply to partner with our Autism Centre (see here) which seeks to further the integration of Positive Psychology-oriented approaches to working with autistic individuals (children, adults at work), as well as the parents and carers who support them.

We are also passionate about creating community spaces where Positive Psychology practitioners and students can connect, feel supported, learn from each other, and grow. We do our best to support our members in creating positive networking spaces that are suited to their contexts and environments.

PPN – the Positive Psychology Network – is our social networking wing. It leads our online networking and live events, such as the annual conference. It also manages SquarePeg academy, which has its roots in positive networking.


For further information, please contact us at