New Independent Accreditation Service for Positive Psychology-based Training Courses

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The Positive Psychology Guild is launching a brand new independant accreditation service for training providers who specialise in positive mental health / wellbeing and human development.

The service includes:

Independent Accreditation of:

  • Training courses
  • Non RQF Qualifications
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • CPD

A gap in the industry

There are several independant CPD certification services in the UK, but they are generalist and as such may not have the industry specific knowledge required to assess and accredit within the Wellbeing and Mental Health disciplines – which means that the onus is on the training provider to ensure content quality. They also focus on CPD rather than larger qualifications and training courses. Ofqual awarding bodies approve centres and award qualifications that fall within the auspices of the the RQF. The Health and Care Professions Council  (HCPC) and the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) cover regulated professions; and protected terms and run a voluntary registers through QUANGO’s – that cover practice relating to healthcare professionals. This leaves a gap for training which focusses on non-health care related flourishing and human performance.

Training within many of the subjects listed below is not regulated, and yet they are a fundamental part of positive organisational culture, positive mental health and prevention of mental ill-health. There are many low quality courses and trainers – with the potential to do more harm than good. The HSE do not regulate the many mental health first aid qualifications currently out there, although this may change in the future. Some of the best providers such as Mental Health First Aid England are delivering high quality courses which are externally accredited. As an organisation, we aim to provide the same level of  external quality assurance and accreditation for the areas below.

  • Resilience
  • Strengths
  • Motivation
  • Authenticity
  • Mental Wellbeing at work
  • Psychologically Informed Environments
  • Positive Organisational Psychology

The emphasis will be on Accreditation of evidence-backed and well researched training programmes and training delivery.

Getting Involved: The strategy going forwards

The first round of applications will be processed during March 2019. The closing date for application is 28th March 2019.

PPN will be publishing an accredited register of courses during April 2019.

If you would like your organisation or training activities considered for assessment and entry into the first register, contact:

We are also looking for members to get involved and sit on our assessment panels within a range of areas of expertise. If you are interested in getting involved or adding value- then use the above email to make contact.

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