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There is now an exciting opportunity to study Positive Psychology Fundamentals with the Positive Psychology Guild.

Positive Psychology is one of the fastest growing and most exciting disciplines within Psychology today.

Its approaches have now been widely adopted by the NHS and favoured as an approach by the CQC and the Care Act (see here). The applications go beyond mental illness towards mental flourishing within business, life, education, health, and relationships.

Positive Psychology transcends the emphasis on mental illness and puts the focus on optimal wellbeing and flourishing. It is one of the most holistic scientific approaches to physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Its research includes mastery of fear, courage, resilience, authenticity, hope, and much more.

New research continues to evolve in the inter-disciplinary fields of Positive Education, Positive Health, Positive Neuroscience, and Positive Sport. As an applied science, it has much value to offer to individuals, as well as to families, communities, schools, workplaces, and even national governance.

Study the science of Positive Psychology for personal, academic, and professional development…

As a graduate from our Level 5 Certificate in Positive Psychology Fundamentals,  you will be qualified and insured to deliver Positive Psychology as a training intervention. You will become a Professional Member of the Positive Psychology Guild and entitled to join the PPG Register of Professionals, which sets professional standards for the practice of Positive Psychology today.

PPG partners with universities that teach Positive Psychology at Masters degree level, including Bucks New University in the UK. The Level 5 Diploma will prepare you to engage in a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) MSc degree course. Should you wish to progress to a MAPP following certification, PPG will provide an academic reference on your behalf. Acceptance will be subject to the usual University checks.

1. Professional Education

The Level 5 Certificate in Positive Psychology Fundamentals will provide you with a scientific understanding of some of the main subjects in Positive Psychology today. It is a professional course with academic content and space for personal development and growth. You will learn the psychology of strengths, authenticity, resilience, positive emotions, and motivation. The psychology of wellbeing runs throughout the course.


Learning Delivery

Most of our students are adult learners with busy lives. They are looking for flexible, online, professional courses that will prepare them for practicing in an area of Positive Psychology.

The course content is delivered online in a user-friendly format and a personal tutor is assigned at the start of the course. You will access this material through an approved online learning platform.

All of our tutors are qualified Positive Psychology Practitioners with relevant professional and academic experience. You will meet with your tutor on a regular basis via online video or audio calls and be able to contact them by email throughout your course.


Entry Criteria

Please note that this is a level 5-ranked qualification. This means you will be expected to produce written academic assignments at an undergraduate level.

Your tutor will support you as much as possible in meeting this criteria during the course. With this one-to-one support, we are confident that most students who do not have a prior academic background in psychology will succeed, if they are willing to persevere.

The academic content of this course is balanced with a rewarding personal development journey.

We welcome both mature students and people with different learning needs. Our tutors are trained to lend additional support in this regard. If you do not have an academic background or you require special learning assistance, please contact us for further information at: training@ppnetwork.org


Completion Time

Depending on the pace of studies you set yourself, you may complete your diploma within 6-8 months.

Should you need to pause your studies for personal or professional reasons, this is possible to do so. For example, you may be going through a busy period at work or your family may need to come first. Your revised timeline for studies may be discussed with your tutor.

The maximum period for completing your diploma is 3 years from the date of enrollment. Should you wish to complete after this period, an updated application form will need to be submitted.



2. Course Outline

Our Professional UK Level 5 Certificate in Positive Psychology Fundamentals is designed for people who wish to gain a scientific understanding of Positive Psychology and engage in a personal development journey. You may not be thinking of practicing Positive Psychology just yet, but wish to understand what is happening in this field. Or, you may be planning to progress directly to further academic studies.


Level 5 Certificate in Positive Psychology Fundamentals

This certificate will ground you in the Psychology of Strengths, Authenticity, Resilience, Positive Emotions, and Motivation.

You will be introduced to research, theory, and practice in these areas. This will form the knowledge base and self-awareness required for your future training. Your personal tutor, a Positive Psychology Practitioner, will guide you through this process.

This certificate challenges many of our students, academically and/or personally in a positive way.

We will challenge you to go beyond a surface-level understanding of Positive Psychology to reach a point where you can critically evaluate and appreciate various Positive Psychology Interventions (PPI’s) on your own. You will complete academic and personal development assignments, and will be encouraged by your tutor to select unit assignment topics that motivate and inspire you.


You will study:

Unit 1: The Psychology of Strengths

Unit 2: The Psychology of Authenticity

Unit 3: The Psychology of Resilience

Unit 4: The Psychology of Positive Emotions

Unit 5: The Psychology of Motivation


The certificate takes approximately 6-8 months to complete, depending on your pace.

You will complete 10 assignments, including 4 literature reviews, an academic poster based on a literature review, and 5 personal reflective logs. This phase of your learning will develop your knowledge base in and beyond Positive Psychology, your research and critical thinking skills, and support your personal development as a future Positive Psychology Practitioner and Coach.


Learning Delivery & Tutor Support

At the start of each unit, you will receive access to the online course material and work through this at your own pace. When you are ready, you will meet online with your tutor to discuss your learning process and assignment preparation. You will engage in 5 tutor calls in total (one for each unit) and may contact your tutor freely by email with related questions.


3. Certification

This certificate is accredited by the Positive Psychology Guild (PPG) and CPD Group. PPG is a Not for Profit Organisation and a government registered learning provider with a UK Provider Reference Number: 10067939.

On successful completion of your diploma, you will receive a certificate stating that you hold a Level 5 Certificate in Positive Psychology Fundamentals. You will now be eligible to apply for Professional Membership status with the Guild. You may also apply to join the PPG Register of Professionals.

Please note that this course is academically rigorous and gives graduates a scientifically understanding of this exciting discipline. It will prepare you to continue studying to become a practitioner and for further academic work.

For further information, please download our 2020/2021 Course Prospectus here.


Professional Membership

Successful candidates will be able to join the Positive Psychology Guild as a Professional Member. If you hold a Level 7 qualification in another Psychology discipline, you may apply for Fellow Member status.

You may use the PPG Professional (or Fellow) Member Approval logo on your own materials and website. If you meet the criteria for practice (e.g. you also hold a certification in coaching, training, facilitation, counselling, teaching, or another skill related to Positive Psychology in Practice), you will also be invited to join the PPG Register of Professionals.

Professional and fellow members may apply to publish their research within the PPN  Journal, Perspectives in Practice, and practitioner insights on the PPN blog, Reflections on Practice.

Members may also apply to contribute to ongoing research projects, or initiate new projects, run by the Positive Psychology Centre.



If you wish to progress to one of the Level 5 Diplomas in Positive Psychology Practice, this certificate will count as Module 1. On completion of the full diploma, you will receive further certification qualifying you as a Positive Psychology Practitioner in your chosen pathway (coaching, training, or organisational facilitation).


Ongoing CPD

As a condition of membership, Professional and Fellow Members will be committed to our minimum CPD requirements to demonstrate and maintain Positive Practice Standards. These CPD courses may be taken with PPG or other educational service providers that meet the CPD criteria.


4. Course Costs

The certificate course cost is £950. This includes online access to interactive study material, 6 tutor calls, tutor email support, and certification on successful completion of the course. A deposit of £450 is required followed by monthly installments starting at £100. Please note the course costs must be completed prior to certification.

It is possible to study only the units of your choice from the certificate. Each unit cost is £250 and includes online access to your study material, 2 tutor calls, and certification on successful completion of the unit. You will receive an accredited certificate stating that you hold a Level 5 Award in your unit subject (e.g. Level 5 Award in Psychology of Strengths).


How to Study

There are 2 ways to study for this course.

Both options are designed to meet the needs for flexibility, structure, and freedom of adult learners.

While we will provide the teaching content and full tutor support, you will manage the long-distance study elements of this course. These require you to follow interactive online course content and engage in scientific and non-scientific reading material on a regular basis.


(1) Self-Paced Option

This option allows you to start the course at any time of the year.

You will set your own study and assignment pace with your tutor’s support. You may complete the course in as little as 6 months or as long as 3 years. A comfortable pace to aim for is a target of 9-12 months.

This option is ideal if your learning style requires the freedom to explore topics of interest in more depth and have breathing space to flourish.


(2) Fixed-Pace Option

This option sets the course pace for you over a period of 12 months.

It includes short breaks between each batch of unit assignments and module exams, coursework, and field work, as well as an extended break in July and August.

This option is ideal if your learning style requires time-bound goals, group connections, and external accountability to flourish.

Enrollment for this option is from 10th August to 14th October 2020. Orientation will take place from 15th-30th October 2020. The course will begin on 2nd November 2020 and end on 15th November 2021.

For a detailed schedule, please contact: training@ppnetwork.org


Next Steps

If you require further information, or to request a course application form, please contact: training@ppnetwork.org

If you would like to read more on this course and Positive Psychology in Practice, please visit the below blog links:



About the Positive Psychology Guild

The Positive Psychology Guild (PPG) is a non-profit think tank, research institution, training provider, awarding body and membership organisation for Positive Psychologists and Practitioners Internationally. The Positive Psychology Network (PPN) is the social wing of PPG.

PPG offers a bridge between coaches, mentors, trainers, consultants, entrepreneurs, teachers and researchers who integrate Positive Psychology into their services, and psychologists, counsellors, and psychotherapists engaged in positive therapy. It partners with Bucks New University Positive Psychology Department (MAPP), and collaborates on research, raising standards and building awareness of this emerging and powerful discipline.

PPG also runs online and live courses on Positive Organisational Psychology, Mental Health First Aid & Wellbeing, and Autism Awareness for Managers & Practitioners, as well as corporate and non-profit workshops and talks on Positive Psychology and wider Psychology topics.

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