Positive Psychology Course Prospectus

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We’re delighted to announce the launch of our 2023/2024 Course Prospectus!

This prospectus outlines the three levels of qualification for becoming a Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner:

  • Level 3 – this introductory route (6 months) is for those who wish to integrate basic principles from Positive Psychology into their existing work with people (e.g. as managers, coaches, trainers).
  • Level 5 – this standard route (18-24 months) is for those who wish to understand the science and philosophy behind Positive Psychology and its social dimensions.
  • Level 7 – this advanced route (12-24 months) is for certified practitioners who wish to conduct their own applied research on Positive Psychology in practice.

To download a copy of the current prospectus, please click on: Academy Course Prospectus (PP)

For more information, or to apply to one of these courses, please contact us at: training@ppnetwork.org

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