Joint Professional Positive Psychology Practitioner & Coaching Diploma (Level 5)

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There is now an exciting opportunity to become a professional Positive Psychology Practitioner and Coach with the Positive Psychology Network.

Positive Psychology (PP) is one of the fastest growing and most exciting disciplines within Psychology today. PP approaches have now been widely adopted by the NHS and favoured as an approach by the CQC. The applications go way beyond mental illness and on towards mental flourishing within business, life and relationships.

Positive Psychology as a discipline has implications that transcend the emphasis on mental illness and puts the focus on optimal wellbeing and flourishing. It is one of the most holistic scientific approaches to physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. It’s research includes mastery of fear, courage, resilience, authenticity, hope, and much more…

Teach Positive Psychology Subjects or Coach individuals, groups and businesses…

Positive Psychology Network partners with Bucks New University in research, events and conferences and the development of National Occupational Standards in Positive Psychology Practice. As a graduate from our Diploma Course, and should you wish to progress your studies even further – you will be ideally placed for acceptance onto the Masters of Applied Positive Psychology MSc degree course. PPN will also offer an academic reference on your behalf. Acceptance is subject to the usual University checks.

Become a Coach or Trainer with this joint course…

As a PP Practitioner and Coach or Trainer, you will be qualified to teach the core PP subjects as CPD sessions, and to deliver interventions within business coaching and life-coaching contexts. As a coach, you will be able to take on your own clients and as a trainer, you will be able to deliver your own courses accredited by the Positive Psychology Network as an approved learning centre or tutor.

What our students say

The Positive Psychology Diploma has transformed my coaching practice, and in the process – my relationship with Self. Claire Higgins: MSc (PPDip) Founder of Inner Athletics Research Lab

Learning Delivery

The course is delivered with a blended approach to learning. You will have access to a sophisticated e-learning platform which will also link you with other students studying at different stages on the course. This social learning aspect is an important and powerful part of the experience. There is an opportunity for networking and collaboration.

Completion Time

Depending on the individual the time for completion is usually from 3 months to one year to complete. The recommended time frame for most students is 6 to 9 months. The course is self-paced and there is currently no time limit for completion. Should you need to pause your studies for personal or professional reasons this is possible on request.

Tutor Support

You will be assigned a tutor who will be with you throughout the entire journey. Tutoring support can be arranged by Skype or a similar platform. You will have access to up to 12 tutor calls (approximately one each month). Up to 3 of these calls may be used as coaching sessions to provide you with the experience of being coached by a Positive Psychology Practitioner and Coach. Your tutor will help you to develop your Personal Study Plan upon enrollment.

Seminars and Symposiums

PPN regularly runs networking events, seminars and workshops. As a student, you will be encouraged you attend and will be given discount codes exclusive to our student members. Student membership details can be found here. Please contact us below for further details on past and upcoming events.

Course Outline

This course is delivered over 3 modules, each containing 5 units. There is an optional bonus module with 5 units at the end.

Module 1 – Positive Psychology Fundamentals

Unit 1: Psychology of Strengths

Unit 2: Psychology of Authenticity

Unit 3: Psychology of Resilience

Unit 4: Psychology of Positive Emotions

Unit 5: Psychology of Motivation

This module takes on average 3-6 months to complete, depending on your pace. 10 assignments will be completed here, including literature reviews and personal reflective logs. 

Module 2 – Positive Psychology Coaching Skills*

Unit 1: Learned Optimism

Unit 2: Positive Development

Unit 3: Strengths Coaching

Unit 4: Wellbeing Coaching

Unit 5: Coaching Programs

This phase takes around 1-3 months to complete, depending on your pace. You will complete a written test and compile a hypothetical case study assignment.

Module 3 – Positive Psychology Coaching Practice*

Unit 1: Client Needs & States

Unit 2: Client Types & Challenges

Unit 3: Client Misconceptions

Unit 4: Pathways to Change

Unit 5: Professional Practice

This phase takes approximately 1-3 months to complete, depending on your pace. You will work with a volunteer coaching client (pro-bono) and submit your case work.

Bonus Module 4 (Optional) – Positive Psychology Consulting Skills

Unit 1: Training Skills & Events

Unit 2: Facilitation Skills & Events

Unit 3: Ongoing Professional Development

Unit 4: Become an Accredited PPN Learning Centre or Tutor

Unit 5: Become a PPN Research Professional or Fellow

This phase takes approximately 1-3 months to complete, depending on your pace. There are no marked assignments, however you may discuss the module content in your tutor calls.

*If you wish to qualify as a trainer, please note that the content of Modules 2 and 3 will differ, however the flow will remain the same. Module 2 will focus on Positive Psychology Training Skills while Module 3 will focus on Positive Psychology Training Practice. On graduation, you will qualify for accreditation as an approved PPN Learning Centre and/or Tutor. Further details are available on request.

After the course

Successful candidates will be able to join the Positive Psychology Guild as a Professional Member. If you hold a Level 7 qualification in another Psychology discipline, you may apply for Fellow Member status. You will be able to use the letters PPDip after your name and use the PP Guild Professional (or Fellow) Member Approval logo on your own materials and website. You will also join our Register of Professionals. Professional and fellow members may publish their work within our peer reviewed journal. The course is academically rigorous and gives graduates a scientifically confident approach to this exciting discipline.

About the Positive Psychology Network

We are a not for profit Organisation involved in many worthwhile projects. We support research within the subject of autism and we delivery many community Interest Projects such as a Positive Online Citizenship Programme for young people and the Positive Social Media Platform

Ongoing CPD

As a condition of membership, Professional and Fellow Members will be committed to our minimum CPD requirements to demonstrate and maintain Positive Practice Standards.

Course costs

The course cost is £1600. Personal payment plans are available. A deposit of £400 is required followed by monthly installments of either: £100 (x12), £200 (x6), £300 (x4) or £400 (x2). The course costs must be completed prior to certification. Please note that this rate is introductory. The course fee will increase to £2,450 on 1st March 2020. Any payment plans activated before this date will be based on the introductory rate.

Funding and concessions are available on a means-tested basis. Please contact us for further information.

Taking things forwards

If you require further information or would like to book your place on this course, contact:

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