Positive Psychology Centre

The Positive Psychology Centre was founded in 2017.

The following year, it set about furthering Positive Psychology studies in under-researched areas.

It has since published research studies on hope, fear, and motivation in partnership with Bucks New University. Today, it consists of 3 Positive Psychology Applied Research Initiatives on Violence & Post Traumatic Growth, Mental Health & Wellbeing, and Somatics & Kinaesthetics.

The Centre focuses on bringing qualitative research methods related to practical applications or Positive Psychology in real world settings. It encourages inter-disciplinary research approaches and collaborations within and beyond Psychology research and practice. Its aim is to offer a bridge of understanding between the rigorous research methods of academia and the dynamic needs of professional practice.


Positive Psychology Research Projects

The Centre runs the following research projects:

It also runs a PPG Scholarship Fund for research initiatives linked to the project areas mentioned above.

The first 4 Courage Scholarships were awarded for the Violence & Post-Traumatic Growth Initiative in August 2020 using institutional and private funds. A further 2 scholarships have since been awarded. Ongoing research projects include forgiveness following intimate partner violence, and a collaborative autoethnography on domestic abuse.

Independently-funded research projects under the Somatics & Kinaesthetics initiative include motivation to practice a form of movement, exercise and/or sport, and how this changes over time (2021-). This research study is generating links between self-actualisation and self-transcendence, and freedom in movement.

To learn more about our researchers, please click here.

We are currently open to receiving funds for the following scholarship initiatives:

As a private donor, your funds will be allocated to one of the above scholarships and matched to an applicant who meets the criteria for completing a Level 7 Certificate Applied Positive Psychology Research within the scholarship area.

All applicants go through a panel interview process to ensure that the research study topic proposed is a good fit for them. Decisions are made by the panel subject to the availability of funds and strength of the applicant.

If you would like to make a donation, please contact: research@ppnetwork.org


CPD Training Events

The Centre runs regular training events for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

These events are open to Positive Psychology students, practitioners, and researchers, and qualified professional who are interested in furthering their knowledge base in Positive Psychology.

The events bridge research, theory and practice, and bring together diverse perspectives to build a richer community of learning and development.

The events are held live via Zoom and recorded for later viewing and participating via recording.

Event titles include:

For information on our next training event, or to attend previous events via recorded participation, please contact: events@ppnetwork.org


Applied Research Qualifications

Are you curious or passionate about Positive Psychology and research?

If you wish to engage in an independent research project in partnership with the Positive Psychology Centre, you may apply to the Level 7 Diploma or Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology Research.

The diploma and certificate offer pathways to Positive Psychology research for qualified practitioners and other professionals who are integrating Positive Psychology concepts and perspectives into their practices (e.g. counseling, clinical psychology, teaching, training, coaching, and management).

For more information, or to request and application form, please contact: training@ppnetwork.org