Positive Psychology Centre

The Positive Psychology Centre was founded in 2017.

The following year, it set about furthering Positive Psychology studies in under-researched areas.

It has since published research studies on hope, fear, and motivation in partnership with Bucks New University. Today, it consists of 3 Positive Psychology Applied Research Initiatives on Violence & Post Traumatic Growth, Mental Health & Wellbeing, and Somatics & Kinaesthetics.

The Centre values qualitative and quantitative research methods related to practical applications in real world settings. It also encourages inter-disciplinary research approaches and collaborations with those operating in other fields of Psychology, as well as other professional and academic domains related to Positive Psychology in Research and Practice. Its aim is to offer a bridge and fruitful conversation between the rigorous research methods of academia and the dynamic needs of professional practice.

The Centre also runs a Scholarship Fund to help qualified academics and professionals contribute to the 3 research initiatives mentioned above. Private and institutional donations are accepted throughout the year. The first 4 scholarships were awarded for the Violence & Post-Traumatic Growth Initiative in August 2020 using institutional and private funds.

Each scholarship includes full training as a Level 5 Positive Psychology Practitioner followed by a Level 7 Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology Research, culminating in an applied research project and paper that contributes to an under-research area of study in Positive Psychology. The process takes 18-24 months and costs £4,100 per scholar.

If you or your organisation would like to contribute to the Scholarship Fund, please note we are open to receiving funds for the following scholarship projects: