Positive Psychology Academy

The Online Positive Psychology Academy was founded in 2020.

It was established during the global Covid-19 pandemic and has since evolved into a thriving community of students, researchers, lecturers, tutors, and trainers.

The Academy is home to more than 140 students from the UK and around the world and delivers the following courses and qualifications:

The Academy also partners with the Positive Psychology Guild’s Autism Centre on the delivery of the following courses and qualifications:

The Academy offers quiet and social spaces for adult learning.

The quiet learning spaces are found within the online courses which is where students access their guided learning materials, complete online assessments, and submit formal assignments for marking. The social learning spaces are found within study groups led by course tutors, trainers, and supervisors. Here, students can exchange freely in between class, access class-directed learning materials, and participate in online discussion threads.

The Academy team is committed to creating a positive and safe learning environment that is inclusive of people from different cultural and learning backgrounds. Academy members are expected to abide by a set of Community Engagement Guidelines that request mutual respect, kindness, and consideration for each other.

Prior to 2020, we delivered our qualifications and courses under the Positive Psychology Network.

For information on the Academy qualifications, or to submit an application, please contact: training@ppnetwork.org