Our Positive Organisations Initiative specialises in Mental Health & Wellbeing, and Positive Leadership & Communications.

The research and training initiative is available to deliver seminars, workshops, and Train the Trainer (ToT) courses for HR staff and managers on how to build policy and practice in these two specialised areas. We are also creating an annual award scheme for organisations that have achieved outstanding results in creating Positive Organisational Cultures.

Our Positive Organisations Initiative has links to our Level 5 Diploma in Positive Organisational Psychology. Students from this course are encouraged to partner with this initiative in their project fieldwork and case study findings, and consult for the initiative on graduation.

For more information on this initiative, please read on or contact: research@ppnetwork.org


Developing Positive Organisational Cultures

The essence of a positive organisational culture is one where all employees feel valued, engaged, empowered, enabled and listened to at all levels. An organisation with this at the core doesn’t simply pay lip-service to matters of Mental Health, Wellbeing, Equality and Diversity, they actively explore ways to embed support strategies into the work culture and relevant policies.

The benefits to an organisation of creating a positive organisational culture are many and include reputation, greatly enhanced staff retention, staff being motivated by means other than financial reward, staff become advocates and true followers. This in turn enables an organisation to manage the impact of change far more effectively. Organisations with this approach to building positive organisational cultures are also the first to spot trends and do their learning from the ground up, including their staff members in ways that matter.


(1) Mental Health & Wellbeing

Building a positive organisational culture could begin with making sure that staff members are “ok”. Companies based in the UK and globally are now taking the mental health and wellbeing of their employees more seriously. No longer is it a taboo topic but now something of direct relevance to employee satisfaction and retention at work as well as productivity and profitability for the companies who employ them.

Investing in mental health and wellbeing training starts with a conversation. Why does this topic matter and which ways are appropriate to engage in it? Quite often, managers and directors are hesitant to open this door as they may feel they don’t have the knowledge or experience to carry the conversation forwards.

We offer 4 levels of engagement on this topic, including:

  1. Lunchtime talks (online) on Mental Health & Wellbeing (45 minutes, online)
  2. Workshops on Mental Health & Wellbeing (3 hours)
  3. Level 3 Train the Trainer (ToT) Mental Health & Wellbeing (3 days + online learning)
  4. Coaching and consulting to help build relevant organisational capacity

Examples of topics covered by the talks, workshops, ToT course and coaching/consulting process include:

To arrange a Mental Health & Wellbeing event at your workplace, please contact us at: training@ppnetwork.org 


(2) Positive Leadership & Communications

Organisations today are typically well aware of the latest trends in leadership and communications. Much revenue has been invested across the board through staff training and development. Yet for many, it is also an ongoing process of development and discovery. Work contexts are shifting, particularly at the level of those with global outreach or a multi-generational workforce. In such a dynamic context, how do managers and directors ensure that their communications styles and approaches are reaching the audiences needed in the most effective and positive ways?

Alongside Mental Health & Wellbeing talks and training, we also facilitate collaborative lunchtime talks (online), training workshops, coaching and consulting support on Positive Leadership & Communications.

We offer 4 levels of engagement on this topic, including:

  1. Lunchtime talks (online) on Diversity & Inclusion (45 minutes)
  2. Workshops on Diversity & Inclusion (3 hours)
  3. Level 3 Train the Trainer (ToT) Positive Communications (3 days + online learning)
  4. Coaching and consulting to help build relevant organisational capacity

Examples of topics included are:

To arrange a Positive Communications event at your workplace, please contact us at: training@ppnetwork.org