Positive Organisational Psychology Practitioner Diploma (Level 5)

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Positive Psychology is one of the fastest growing and most exciting disciplines within Psychology today.

Its approaches have now been widely adopted by the NHS and favoured as an approach by the CQC and the Care Act (see here). The applications go beyond mental illness towards mental flourishing within business, life, education, health, and relationships.

Positive Psychology transcends the emphasis on mental illness and puts the focus on optimal wellbeing and flourishing. It is one of the most holistic scientific approaches to physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Its research includes mastery of fear, courage, resilience, authenticity, hope, and much more.

New research continues to evolve in the inter-disciplinary fields of Positive Education, Positive Health, Positive Neuroscience, and Positive Sport. As an applied science, it has much value to offer to individuals, as well as to families, communities, schools, workplaces, and even national governance.

Facilitate Positive Organisational Psychology policies, processes, and practices on strengths, wellbeing, resilience, leadership, teamwork, and performance …

As a graduate from our Level 5 Diploma in Positive Organisational Psychology, you will be qualified and insured to deliver Positive Psychology as a facilitation intervention. You will become a Professional Member of the Positive Psychology Guild and entitled to join the PPG Register of Professionals, which sets professional standards for the practice and regulation of Positive Psychology today.

PPG has a strong relationship with Bucks New University which was formed when our founder completed the MAPP programme. Reece is a strong advocate for this programme, and we feel that the Level 5 Diploma will prepare you to engage in a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) MSc degree course. Should you wish to progress to a MAPP following certification, PPG will provide an academic reference on your behalf. Acceptance will be subject to the usual University checks.

1. Professional Education

Positive Psychology in Practice translates the scientific and academic study of Positive Psychology to life and work through the application of professional skills. These skills include coaching, training, facilitation, teaching, mentoring, counselling, and research.

The Positive Psychology Guild’s core diplomas in Positive Psychology Practice introduce the fundamental skills of coaching, training and facilitation. This diploma page is about the third pathway of organisational facilitation.


Course Format

This course starts 3 times a year in January, May, and September.

The course content is delivered online in a user-friendly format and a tutor is assigned at the start of each course. You will access your course material through our online learning platform, the Positive Psychology Academy, where you may create a personal profile and connect virtually with other students on your course and other courses. Your tutor support will be via email and on request, video calls.

The qualification is delivered in 3 modules:

Module 1 introduces you to the science and philosophy of Positive Psychology.

Module 2 introduces you to the practice of Positive Psychology in your chosen pathway.

Module 3 is where you deliver a practitioner intervention project with trainee supervision.

You will have access to our recorded webinar lectures on topics such as hope, resilience, authenticity, courage, and confidence. Live webinars take place monthly on Thursdays.

For further details on the course content, please read on!

Entry Criteria

Please note that this is a level 5-ranked qualification.

This is equivalent to a foundation degree in the UK and means you will be expected to produce written academic and professional assignments at an undergraduate level.

You must hold a level 4 qualification or above (or the equivalent, e.g. A-levels plus relevant work experience) and be willing to engage in level 5 studies that are delivered through a blend of online group learning (live) and self-paced studies. Tutor, trainer, and supervisor support is provided.

You will also have a background or strong interest in HR, management, or leadership, and be interested in learning how Positive Psychology may be applied in different types of organisations (e.g. corporate, government, non-profit).

The academic content of this course is balanced with professional training and a rewarding personal development journey. The course may be challenging at times but we aim to make this a growth-based challenge that is worthwhile!

We welcome both mature students and people with different learning needs. If you do not have an academic background or you require special learning assistance, please contact us for further information at: training@ppnetwork.org


Completion Time

This course is designed to be completed within 24 months at a comfortable pace.

It is delivered in 2 stages: (1) Positive Psychology Fundamentals – Module 1; (2) Positive Psychology Coaching Practice – Modules 2 & 3. For further details, please see the Course Outline section below.

The maximum period for completing your diploma is 2 years from the date of enrolment. Should you wish to continue after this period, a formal request will need to be submitted and an extension fee may apply.


Accelerated Routes

Are you a qualified and experienced Level 5+ Executive Coach or Organisational Psychologist who wishes to integrate Positive Organisational Psychology into your existing practice? Or a MAPP graduate looking to acquire organisational facilitation skills?

If your qualifications and experience meet or exceed Level 5, you may be eligible to join one of our accelerated diploma routes. For more details, please read on!


2. Course Outline

This qualification is comprised of 3 modules. The first stage – Module 1 – focuses on building your academic skills and knowledge base in the science and philosophy of Positive Psychology. The second stage – Modules 2 & 3 – focus on building your professional skills and competencies in the practice of Positive Psychology.


Module 1 – Positive Psychology Fundamentals

This module covers the Psychology of Strengths, Authenticity, Resilience, Positive Emotions, and Motivation.

You will be introduced to research, theory, and application in each of these areas. You will study broader concepts related to Psychology and Philosophy that are relevant to understanding the growth and development of Positive Psychology as an inter-disciplinary field. You will also be encouraged to reflect on relevant links to culture and society, and how the field of Positive Psychology is evolving.


Module 1 Units

Unit 1: The Psychology of Strengths

Unit 2: The Psychology of Authenticity

Unit 3: The Psychology of Resilience

Unit 4: The Psychology of Positive Emotions

Unit 5: The Psychology of Motivation


You will complete this module within 12 months.

Following enrolment, you will attend an online Group Learning Cycle with 8 weekly calls (1.5 hours each). During this time, you will be introduced to key teaching points on each of the 5 unit areas. You will also learn how to read and discuss scientific research articles related to this unit areas. After this, you will engage in self-paced guided learning and study each of the 5 unit areas in more depth with 1:1 tutor support.

This module includes 6 assignments – a literature review, reflective log, critical review, self-intervention, oral presentation (recorded), and poster presentation (online). The combination of these assignments will further your knowledge base in Positive Psychology, cultivate your research and critical thinking skills, and support your personal development. It will provide a foundation for your professional training in Modules 2 and 3.


Accelerated Routes Guidance

  • If you are on the Accelerated Route 1 for Level 5+ Coaches, you will complete Module 1.
  • If you are on the Accelerated Route 2 for MAPP graduates, you will be exempt from Module 1.


Module 2 – Positive Organisational Psychology Skills

In Module 2, you will study and practice skills required for professional practice.

You will practice your training skills with peers in the Academy. You may also practice with family and friends who are willing to support your growth as a future Positive Organisational Psychology Practitioner.

Module 2 will teach you how to bridge your knowledge of Positive Psychology Fundamentals with psycho-education on Positive Psychology in an organisational context.

You will learn how to support organisations and employees on policies and practices related to Strengths, Authenticity, Resilience, Positive Emotions, and Motivation. You will also study how to facilitate leadership and teamwork, and conduct staff surveys, interviews, and analyses to strengthen wellbeing at work.


Module 2 Units

Unit 1: Introduction to Positive Organisational Psychology Practice

Unit 2: Organisational Practice Methods & Techniques

Unit 3: Positive Organisational Psychology Toolkit (Psycho-education)

Unit 4: Designing Organisational Interventions

Unit 5: Project Preparation (Organisational Intervention Proposal)


You will complete this module within 6 months.

Following enrolment, you will attend a Group Training Cycle (10 sessions, 2 hours each, over 12 weeks). These cycles are held twice a year in February and September and will introduce you to each of the above unit areas and related assignments. In between the sessions, you will explore and practice your organisational skills and work on your assignments.

There are 5 assignments in this module – a critical report, reflective report, practice session report, practice intervention report, and a training project proposal for delivery in Module 3. These assignments are designed to support your professional development as a future practitioner. They will contain academic referencing but are oriented towards the practicalities of running a professional organisational practice.


Accelerated Routes Guidance

  • If you are on the Accelerated Route for Level 5+ Executive Coaches and Organisational Psychologists, you will be exempt from Module 2. If you discover you need additional learning support you may request this at an hourly rate.
  • If you are on the Accelerated Route for MAPP and PPGDip graduates, you will complete all of Module 2.


Module 3 – Positive Organisational Psychology Practice

Module 3 is the final step before qualifying as a Positive Organisational Psychology Practitioner.

You will spend 12 practice hours working with an organisational “client” in an unpaid capacity with their prior informed consent and trainee supervision. At the end of this period, you will critically evaluate your practice, its ethical dimensions, and reflect on lessons learned in an extended professional report and project portfolio.

On successful completion of this module, you will be qualified as a Positive Organisational Psychology Practitioner. You will receive one complimentary year of Professional Membership with the Positive Psychology Guild and may apply to become a registered Positive Psychology Practitioner.

If you intend to practice in the UK, your membership will include one year of insurance and liability coverage. If you intend to practice outside of the UK, we recommend checking any local insurance possibilities in your area before embarking on this course. Being insured to practice is an essential part of being a qualified Positive Psychology Coaching Practitioner for the protection and wellbeing of both yourself and your future clients.


Module 3 Units

Unit 1: Case Study Analysis

Unit 2: Mental Health Referrals

Unit 3: Business Planning & Development

Unit 4: Professional Guidelines for Positive Psychology Practitioners

Unit 5: Positive Organisational Psychology Practice Portfolio


You will complete this module within 6 months.

This phase of your learning is where you begin to apply your knowledge and skills in a semi-professional context with the support that trainee supervision provides. It is designed to help you build the confidence needed to run your own professional practice and/or use your skills in an existing or future professional role.


Accelerated Routes Guidance

  • There are no exemptions from this module.
  • If you are on the Accelerated Route for Level 5+ Executive Coaches and Organisational Psychologists, you will complete all of Module 3.
  • If you are on the Accelerated Route for MAPP and PPGDip graduates, you will complete all of Module 3.


3. Certification

This certificate is accredited by the Positive Psychology Guild (PPG). PPG is a Not for Profit Organisation and a government registered learning provider with a UK Provider Reference Number: 10067939.

On successful completion of your diploma, you will receive a certificate stating that you hold a Level 5 Diploma in Positive Organisational Psychology. You may refer to yourself as a Positive Organisational Psychology Practitioner (PPGDip) and will be eligible to apply for Professional Membership status with the Guild (see below).

Please note that this course is academically rigorous. It is also a professional course with practical applications for the real world. It will prepare you for professional practice and further academic studies (e.g. a Masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology, known as a MAPP degree).


Professional Membership

Graduates of this course will be invited to join the Positive Psychology Guild as a Professional Member. The first year of membership is offered on a complimentary basis.

Professional Membership includes liability and insurance coverage for practice in the UK and the possibility to apply to join the Register of Positive Psychology Practitioners. It also includes access to an online community of Positive Psychology Practitioners and the Journal of Positive Psychology.

For more information on membership services, please click here.


4. Course Fees

The diploma qualification fee is £2,450. This includes:

  • Online access to the Positive Psychology Academy
  • Online access to self-paced interactive study material
  • 8 x group video teaching calls (Module 1)
  • Tutor calls & email support for assignments (Module 1)
  • 10 x group training calls (Module 2)
  • Trainer calls & email support for assignments (Module 2)
  • Supervisor calls & email support for project delivery (Module 3)
  • Access to upcoming open webinar lectures (also recorded)
  • Access to past open webinar lecture recordings
  • Assessments for all course assignments

You will also receive certification on successful completion of the course* and one year of complimentary PPG Professional Membership on graduation.

The fee may be paid in full during enrolment with a £100 discount (£2,350) or through a Personal Payment Plan with a deposit of £850 and subsequent monthly installments (Option 1: 16 x £100; Option 2: 8 x £200).

The course will provide you with written and oral teaching points, and links to open access journal articles and other online resources that are freely available. You will also be taught how to find these resources yourself.

We recognise that some students may wish to purchase textbooks on Positive Psychology to supplement their learning resources. If you wish to budget in advance for this, we recommend setting aside a further £50-£100.

*The course fee must be fully paid prior to certification. Should you need to extend your study period beyond 2 years, course extension fees may apply.


Accelerated Route 1 (Level 5+ Executive Coaches & Organisational Psychologists)

Qualified and experienced Level 5+ Executive Coaches and Organisational Psychologists may apply for an accelerated version of this course and complete Modules 1 and 3. You will not be required to complete Module 2 but will have access to the learning content.

The fee for this option is £1950 (March 2021+ fees).

You may pay the full course fee during enrolment and receive a £100 discount (£1850) or select a Personal Payment Plan with a deposit during enrolment of £950 and subsequent monthly installments (Option 1: 10 x £100; Option 2: 5 x £200).

Entry Criteria

  • Level 5+ Executive Coaching or Organisational Psychology qualification from a recognised learning provider. This must include an understanding of how to facilitate people, policy, and practice in professional settings, and the dynamics of leadership and teamwork development.
  • You will also need to understand how to conduct workplace surveys (questionnaires, interviews, and focus group discussions) and have academic and/or professional experience here, as well as experience of integrating psycho-education into an organisational facilitation setting.
  • If your qualification covers most but not all of these areas, your professional experience will be taken into account. You will also need to highlight in your application the professional skills, experience, and commitment required to integrate a new approach based on Psychology into your organisational practice.


Accelerated Route 2 (MAPP & PPGDip Graduates)

MAPP and PPGDip graduates may apply for an accelerated version of this course and complete Modules 2 and 3. You will not be required to complete Module 1 but will have access to the learning content.

The fee for this option is £1,450.

You may pay the full course fee during enrolment and receive a £100 discount (£1,350) or select a Personal Payment Plan with a deposit during enrolment of £450 and subsequent monthly installments (Option 1: 10 x £100; Option 2: 5 x £200).

This fee covers access to your online learning material, 5 x full tutor support calls during Module 2, and 3 x tutor supervision calls during Module 3. It does not include access to Module 1 course content as it is presumed that your MAPP degree has grounded you in the Science and Philosophy of Positive Psychology. If you wish, you may purchase access to this content for an additional fee of £250.

Entry Criteria


Multiple Pathways

You may apply to study all 3 diploma pathways (coaching, training, facilitation). This may help you to develop a broader Positive Psychology Practice with a wider skill to meet more complex client needs.

If you wish to complete all 3 pathways, a discounted rate of £3,950 applies (saving of £1,400*).

You may pay the full course fee during enrolment and receive a further £100 discount (£3,850) or through a Personal Payment Plan with a deposit of £1,550 and subsequent monthly installments (Option 1: 24 x £100; Option 2: 12 x £200).

*The Multiple Pathways option includes 1 full diploma (£2,450) and 2 diplomas – Accelerated Route 2 (£1,450 each). This totals £5,350. The discounted rate is £3,950 (saving of £1,400).


Common Questions

How many hours of studying a week should I expect?

We estimate 8-10 hours a week with additional hours during assignment phases. Having said that, there are many ways to study. Some of our students prefer little and often (e.g. 1 hour a day) while others prefer to block out time on weekends or set several study intensives (e.g. 1 week during time off work).

Will this course prepare me for a MAPP degree?

This course is set at Level 5. A MAPP degree is equivalent to Level 7.

The course will prepare you to progress onto a MAPP degree. For example, you will read research articles on Positive Psychology and learn how to conduct Positive Psychology self-interventions, and write literature reviews, critical reviews, and reflective logs. You will be challenged to think critically with depth and breadth. These academic skills are useful on a MAPP degree. You will also learn about links between Positive Psychology, other schools of thought in Psychology, and Philosophy.

During your studies, you will be exposed to academic research methods, however you will not engage in an independent research project, which is typically part of a MAPP degree. Instead, after studying Positive Psychology Fundamentals (Module 1), you will transition to the Positive Psychology Training Practitioner Pathway (Modules 2 and 3). Here, you will conduct and evaluate a professional case study research project (Module 3) and complete other report-based assignments linked to the development of your practitioner skills (Module 2).

If you wish to study research methods with PPG and engage in an independent research project, you may apply for the Level 7 Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology after graduation. This certificate is launching in May 2022.

If you wish to apply for a MAPP degree after your course, you may request an academic reference and set of transcripts from PPG to support your application. Please keep in mind that universities have a separate and independent admissions process.


Next Steps

You may enrol in this course at various points throughout the year including:

  • 27th January 2022
  • 26th May 2022*
  • 29th September 2022**

The course begins the following Tuesday (induction) and Wednesday (group learning cycle).

You will receive access to your course learning material on the enrolment date.

Application deadlines are 2 weeks prior to the enrolment date.

  • Course fee (or deposit) payments must be completed 1 week prior to enrolment.
  • Spaces are limited so we recommend applying early to secure your place.
  • Enrolment dates may be subject to change.

If you require further information, or to request a course application form, please contact: training@ppnetwork.org

You may also download an application form here: PPG Positive Psychology Application Form

*Please note that our course fees are revised on March 1st every year. 

**Please note that from September 2022 onwards, this course will be fully taught in a group learning environment on a part-time basis over a 2-year period. If you would like to learn more about this, please email us.


About the Positive Psychology Guild

The Positive Psychology Guild (PPG) is a non-profit think tank, research institution, training provider, awarding body and membership organisation for Positive Psychologists and Practitioners Internationally.

PPG offers a bridge between coaches, mentors, trainers, consultants, entrepreneurs, teachers and researchers who integrate Positive Psychology into their services, and psychologists, counsellors, and psychotherapists engaged in positive therapy. It partners with Bucks New University Positive Psychology Department (MAPP), and collaborates on research, raising standards and building awareness of this emerging and powerful discipline.

PPG also runs online and live courses on Positive Organisational Psychology, Mental Health & Wellbeing, and Autism Awareness for Managers & Practitioners, as well as corporate and non-profit workshops and talks on Positive Psychology and wider Psychology topics.

For more information, please contact: info@ppnetwork.org

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