Positive Online Citizenship Programme

Positive Psychology

The internet has transformed the world and connected the planet whilst simultaneously disconnecting people from positive human values. The internet is rife with trolling, keyboard warriors, keyboard polititans, radicalisation, online grooming and cyber-bullying. The Positive Psychology Network is currently researching and inviting thoughts on the design of an empowering programme designed to encourage and develop the concept and practice of Positive Online Citizenship.

Topics will include:

  • Social self esteem & resilience- understanding reality vs perception
  • Positive debating and discussion – how to engage positively online
  • Cyber personal safety, security and self defence – how to protect yourself online Reviews – understanding the responsibility and impact of reviewing products and services online
  • Online Law – understanding the legal implications

If you have thoughts and would like to contribute to this focus group then contact: research@ppnetwork.org

or call us on: 0843 886 9900


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