Online Event: Positive Education Webinar Series (12.5.22, 9.6.22, 14.7.22)

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Positive Education for Teachers & Positive Psychology Practitioners

About the Event

Join qualified teachers and Positive Psychology Practitioners, Reece Coker, Diane Dreher, and George Kokolas, for a 3-part panel presentation and audience discussion series on Positive Education.

Over the course of 3 webinars, they will be sharing perspectives on answers to the following questions:

  • What is Positive Education?
  • What facilitates a Positive Learning Environment?
  • How can we overcome obstacles to promote Positive Change in Education?

Webinar 1: Thursday 12th May, 2022 (7pm-9pm UK)

What is Positive Education?

Reece and Diane will discuss the evolution of Positive Education. Drawing on their professional teaching experience in the UK and USA, and the evolving science and philosophy of Positive Psychology, they will each present what Positive Education means today.

Webinar 2: Thursday 9th June, 2022 (7pm-9pm UK)

What facilitates a Positive Learning Environment?

Reece, Diane, and George will discuss the dynamics that contribute to a positive learning environment. With perspectives from the UK, Greece, and USA, they will offer ideas on how to bring Positive Psychology into the classroom in ways that can support student wellbeing and their capacity to flourish.

Webinar 3: Thursday 14th July, 2022 (7pm-9pm UK)

How can we overcome obstacles to promote Positive Change in Education?

Reece and Diane will discuss case studies and examples from research on how to overcome barriers to positive education in the classroom. They will present common obstacles alongside possibilities to activate and engage in positive change-oriented processes.

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Ticket Prices

  • PPG Practitioner Members: £10 per webinar or £20 for 3 webinars (single payment)
  • PPG Student Members: £5 per webinar or £10 for 3 webinars (single payment)
  • Non PPG Members: £15 per webinar or £30 for 3 webinars (single payment)

The above prices include attendance of the event/s and an electronic Certificate of Attendance with CPD points (2 per event).

Payment options include PayPal and bank transfer. On booking, we will provide you with a PayPal link or bank transfer details.

Please note spaces are limited to 30 people per webinar. We recommend booking early to secure your spot.

You may attend one, two, or all three events. We recommend attending all three for a richer learning experience.

You will be emailed the Zoom link for attendance after booking your ticket.

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Event Audience

This event welcomes qualified teachers and Positive Psychology Practitioners and students who have an interest in Positive Education.

Whether you are new to Positive Psychology or a seasoned practitioner or researcher, you will take away valuable insights for further contemplation in relation to your own practice.

We encourage you to bring a notepad and pen to take notes, and to follow each webinar with your own reflective practice on the following questions:

  • What does Positive Education mean to me?
  • How can I help to create a Positive Learning Environment in my workplace?
  • Which obstacles might I face (or have I faced) in creating positive change, and how could I (possibly with others) overcome these?

Event Accreditation

This series of events is accredited by the Positive Psychology Guild (PPG), a Not for Profit Organisation and a government registered learning provider with a UK Provider Reference Number: 10067939. We are also a CPD certified Provider dedicated to raising the standards of training and continuing professional development.

If you attend the events live, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance with 2 CPD points per 2-hour webinar event. If you cannot attend the events live but have purchased a ticket, we can send you a link to the event recording. In order to receive a Certificate of Attendance with CPD points you will need to complete a 1-2 page reflective report on what you have learned as an alternative form of participation. For further details on this, please email:

Speaker Biographies

Reece Coker (UK)

Reece is the founder of PPG. A fellow at the Institute of Leadership and Management, and Royal Society of Public Health, he is an experienced trainer, psychologist, and sector expert within the subjects of Positive Psychology, Motivation, Organisational Development & Culture, Neurodiversity & Inclusion, and Business Management. A senior manager within the corporate commercial and not-for-profit sectors, Reece is passionate about learning and development at all levels. He completed his Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) at Bucks New University in 2016, where his research focused on hope and fear, and is currently completing a PhD in Education and Psychology at Sheffield Hallam University with a focus on courage, anxiety, and autism. He leads and lectures on the Positive Psychology and Autism Awareness in Practice Programmes. He is an autistic individual who is a passionate advocate for autism and strengths-based approaches. Reece leads PPG’s Autism Centre and is keen to work with stakeholders within the areas of employment, mental health and wellbeing, and neurodiversity and inclusion. He is also an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester, where he is a subject matter expert in the fields of qualitative research, autism, and neurodiversity (theory and practice).

Diane Dreher (USA)

Diane Dreher, PhD, PCC, is a Positive Psychology Coach, teacher, researcher, and author who has worked in higher education for over 30 years. After completing her PhD in Renaissance English literature at UCLA, Diane began teaching at Santa Clara University, where received the Distinguished Teaching award in 2019. Her publications include the bestselling Tao of Inner Peace, Tao of Personal Leadership, Tao of Womanhood, Inner Gardening, and Your Personal Renaissance as well as scholarly books and articles on literature, Positive Psychology, and hope. Seeking new frontiers in learning, she went on to complete a Master’s degree in Counseling and became a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), with the International Coaching Federation and a HeartMath Clinical Practitioner. Her research interests explore the convergence of positive psychology with Eastern philosophy, leadership, mindfulness, and hope. In addition to lecturing in the Positive Psychology Academy, she is Associate Director of the Applied Spirituality Institute at Santa Clara University, maintains an international coaching practice, is an advisor for the Hopeful Mindsets Project, and is writing a book on hope.

George Kokolas (Greece)

George has been working as the Academic Director and Teacher Trainer for Express Publishing for the last 21 years. He is a certified LEVEL 5 TEFL teacher and a certified ADVANCED Neurolanguage CoachⓇ, practicing Neurolanguage CoachingⓇ professionally. He holds a Level 5 Positive Psychology Fundamentals Diploma and he is trying to merge ELT into it. He also holds a BA in English Literature. Right after his graduation he branched out from his major in English Literature and devoted himself fully to ELT. He likes to be considered a frontline teacher spending many hours inside the classroom teaching and learning at the same time. He has delivered over 1000 successful seminars/workshops/training sessions in 89 countries throughout the world. Since 2017 he is the co-host and producer of the educational podcast Teachers’ Coffee. Since 2020 he is the Senior Editor for the Neurolanguage Collective Magazine.

Event Host

This event is hosted by the Positive Psychology Centre.

PPC is a community-focused research and training entity that falls under PPG’s Education function. It runs 3 initiatives: (1) Positive Psychology for Violence & Post Traumatic Growth; (2) Positive Psychology for Mental Health & Wellbeing in Organisations; (3) Positive Psychology for Somatics & Kinaesthetics in Movement, Exercise & Sport.

This event series launches its fourth initiative on Positive Psychology for Character Development in Education.

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