Neurodiversity & Inclusion

Corporate Training & Outreach Activities

Our expert consultants are available to deliver seminars, workshops, and Train the Trainer (ToT) courses for HR staff and managers on how to build policy and practice in this specialised area and meet the criteria for the Neurodiversity Inclusivity Award. This Award signifies a high standard of achievement by employers and entrepreneurs who embrace, embody and lead the way in supporting individuals with neurodivergent profiles. It was established by the Positive Psychology Guild as part of its not-for-profit work and is free to employers and entrepreneurs.

This initiative also has links to our Level 5 Diploma Strengths-Based Autism for Managers & Practitioners and Level 3 Certificate Neurodiversity & Inclusion (Train the Trainer). Students from these courses are encouraged to partner with this initiative in their project fieldwork and case study findings, and consult for the initiative on graduation where opportunities allow. We also offer a limited number of partial scholarships for students who are willing and able to conduct a work project study on strengths-based autism and neurodiversity at work for this initiative.

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Neurodiversity & Inclusion Training (CPD)

Positive organisational cultures are also spaces where people who may not fit the “norm” feel included and respected.

These include people with ADHD, dyslexia, and dyspraxia, and those on the autism spectrum. So often, such profiles can fly under the radar and may be considered “hidden disabilities”.

People with these backgrounds may require further support in belonging. But where do managers and directors begin having these conversations in a respectful and inclusive way, particularly if they have not had the experience of belonging to a vulnerable group or one that differs from the social norm?

We offer 4 levels of engagement on this topic:

  1. Lunchtime talks (online) on Neurodiversity & Inclusion (45 minutes)
  2. Workshops on Neurodiversity & Inclusion (3 hours)
  3. Level 3 Certificate Neurodiversity & Inclusion (Train the Trainer)
  4. Coaching and consulting to help build relevant organisational capacity

Examples of topics covered by the talks, workshops, ToT course and coaching/consulting process include:

  1. Defining key terms and policies in diversity and inclusion
  2. Neurodiversity and the autism spectrum
  3. Learning difficulties at work and working with them
  4. Inclusive strategies for people on the margins

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