Level 5 Positive Psychology / Practitioner Diploma £1000 (Accredited in-line with National Occupational Standards for Coaching and Counselling)

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A comprehensive Applied Positive Psychology Diploma course covering a broad range of Positive Psychology disciplines. Designed for researchers, coaches, leaders, therapists, or professionals working with and motivating others.

The Diploma can be taken as a Positive Psychology Diploma for non-practice, or in conjunction with becoming a Positive Psychology Practitioner as either a Coach or Therapist  The course content covers all National Occupational Standards for Coaching and Counselling within the therapeutic Discipline of Positive Psychology.

The qualification creates a bridge that fills the gap between coaching and mentoring, and working with clients requiring more robust interventions that fall under the auspices of therapeutic intervention / counselling.

Who is the course for?

The course has been designed for those wishing to become a coach or mentor within the field of Applied Positive Psychology, or for those wanting to adopt the Positive Psychology Methodology and approach within their counselling practice.

The course is empowering, thought provoking and upon graduation you will become part of an international group of Positive Psychologists as practitioners and researchers. You may want to launch your own life-coaching practice, or even go on to complete a Masters degree or PhD within a related subject. You will become part of the PPN family and community!

Course Delivery

The course is a full blended learning experience with a comprehensive online learning platform, webinars, Skype tutorial sessions and even access to our real-world symposiums and events. You will also become part of a peer learning community through the PPN’s own Social Media Platform – SquarePeg


Units Covered:

  • Positive Emotion – Emotion, mindset and areas such as self esteem and happiness are explored within this unit.
  • Strength-based Engagement and Development – Understand how to define, discover and tap into the strengths of others…
  • Motivation – Hope and Fear – Understanding the root of all motivation and mastering these two powerful emotions… You will become an expert in understanding move away from and move towards goals, and be able to assist others in defining and reaching their potential.
  • The Science of Resilience – Understand the science behind post traumatic growth…
  • Flourishing: Pathways of Change – Understand the processes behind positive long-term change from an intervention perspective

Additional Coaching & Therapy Units

  • Coaching – Becoming a coach, Mentor, or Leader requires an in-depth and broad knowledge base. All training within this area is linked with National Occupational Standards for coaching
  • Therapeutic Interventions – Whether you are operating exclusively as a Positive Psychology Practitioner, or find yourself dealing with a client requiring an intervention whilst working as a coach, the nature of therapy is that issues requiring support may be uncovered or come to the surface. A detailed understanding of the processes and associated risks is essential within this discipline. Our training unit is Linked with National Occupational Standards for Therapeutic Interventions and Counselling.


This course leads to a level 5 Diploma which is externally certified by the CPD Standards Office and Awarded by the Positive Psychology Guild. Following this course – you will be well-placed to practice as a professional within this discipline – or move on to higher level academic study. The certificate is also accepted by the Institute of Leadership and Management as evidence of experience and qualification. The qualification is also linked to National Occupational Standards as outlined below.

The Positive Psychology Guild leads on National Occupational Standards for Positive Psychology Practice as a discipline, and also implements high standards within the related disciplines of Leadership, Coaching, Mentoring, and Counselling. The Coaching and Therapeutic Interventions units both have to be completed in order to practice within Positive Psychology.

Coaching and Mentoring NOS

NOS for Psychological Therapies

On-going support and development

Upon graduation you will be eligible to become a full professional member of the Positive Psychology Guild, and as such – you will be able to post articles and research, and even submit for consideration to our peer reviewed journal. You will become part of a community of professionals across the globe, and subject to acceptance – you will be endorsed by PPN.

If you wish to continue your studies, we partner with Bucks New University, and can refer you with an academic reference for entry into the Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (MSc) MAPP. You will have covered all of the necessary topics to prepare you for study at MSc (level 7) including research methods and academic writing.

An empowering course and journey which has transformed my coaching practice

For further details email: training@ppnetwork.org


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