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  • The Level 5 Positive Organisational Psychology Diploma is designed for Managers, Leaders, HR and Learning & Development Professionals who wish to gain a more in-depth understanding of Psychology within their field, or to complete valuable CPD.


The Course is spread over 5 Units combined into a L5 Diploma, or alternatively, each unit can be taken separately as an individual CPD course. The individual units cost £350 each as stand-alone units, and the complete course costs just £1600 combined.

UNIT 1: Strength based engagement and Development:

Understanding the current models within this fascinating and empowering field of knowledge. You will learn how to assess your own strengths and those of others, and explore the implications for engaging individuals within the workplace in the short and long-term.

An empowering and insightful Positive Psychology course designed for those managing, leading or utilising human potential…


  • Design a strength-finder questionnaire
  • Discover your own strengths
  • How to engage people
  • Enhance your staff retention and levels of happiness within your organization

UNIT 2: Understanding Motivation:

This unit explores the concepts of hope and fear based motivation, together with the concepts of impelling and compelling within Leadership and Management.

The first question: Are you motivated by hope or fear?

The second question: Are you sure?

How would you recognize the above and understand the signs of being motivated by hope-goal? This is a fascinating area which explores the concepts and origins of hope and fear and the way that it influences all of us daily. Understand the difference between using the proverbial carrot or stick when motivating individuals and teams. Understand the difference between impelling and compelling people. All of these fascinating concepts are explored within this unit.


  • Motivate your staff
  • Create better staff engagement & retention programs
  • Engage stakeholders

UNIT 3: Defining Positive Emotion

This unit explores and defines human emotions, together with their roots and causes. You will be encouraged to be inflective and explore your own emotions and triggers, and to learn to think critically and positively about them. Emotions such as Joy, Happiness, Hope will all be explored together with their polar opposites… Understanding positive and negative mindsets and states can empower and give insights into individuals and their levels of positivity within an organisation.


  • Create a positive organizational culture
  • Create happy flourishing teams and individuals

UNIT4: The Psychology of Leadership

Understanding the concepts of loyalty, admiration, Influence and power are all explored within this unit, together with a true understanding of your own leadership style. Increase your ability to exert positive influence over people at all levels, and increase your power as a public speaker…


  • Understand the dynamics of leadership, why, what and who people follow
  • Improve your ability to engage people
  • Improve your public speaking ability and gravitas

UNIT 5: The Psychology of Positive Teambuilding

Understanding the dynamics of positive team psychology are explored within this unit, and how this can be influenced in the context of building teams that perform. Looking at the psychology of individuals within a team, together with difficult mindsets, challenges and friction, and creating resonance over dissonance.

  • Build strong performing teams
  • Overcome friction and deal with dilemmas within teams
  • Putting theory into process and practice


  • CPD Certificate
  • HR Toolkit with questionnaire templates
  • Understanding of the psychology of strengths & Creating questionnaires
  • Teambuilding toolkits and exercises
  • Understanding of the psychology of Motivation
  • Workshop to find your own strengths
  • Membership of the Positive Psychology Network

Course Delivery

The course is delivered with combined distance learning and taught workshops. There are five full day workshops within the complete diploma course, and several research projects and distance learning, which includes webinars and tutor talks.

Booking your place

To enquire about this course, or book a place – please email:  training@ppnetwork.org
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