Launch of the Hope Scholarship!

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The Hope Scholarship falls under the Positive Psychology Centre and is funded by the Positive Psychology Guild and private donations. Three partially-funded positions are available in 2024/2025 for the Community Based Interventions Initiative.

Applicants to this scholarship should be Certified Positive Psychology Practitioners who are engaged in professional practice (e.g. a coaching, training, or organisational facilitation practice). They should have in place case study research skills and be looking to develop these skills further at Level 7.

The objective of this scholarship is to generate research-informed community based interventions for one (or more) of the following themes:

Theme 1

Building hope for young people.

To address the increased depression and sense of hopelessness among some of today’s young people, this scholarship project aims to combine Positive Psychology insights, concepts, theories, and strategies within a community-based intervention to help young people to develop greater hope.

Theme 2

Relieving loneliness through connection.

To address the current epidemic of loneliness and isolation, especially among older people, this scholarship project aims to apply Positive Psychology approaches within a community-based intervention to help generate innovative ways to build relationships of caring and trust.

Theme 3

Resolving conflict in our communities.

To overcome the increased polarisation in our world today, this scholarship project aims to apply Positive Psychology insights, concepts, theories, and strategies within a community-based intervention to help people in conflict discover common ground and create new solutions together.

Applicants are invited to present their initial research ideas during the application process. If the application is successful, these ideas will be further developed during research supervision.


Phase 1: Level 7 Certificate Studies

Three successful scholarship applicants will first complete the Level 7 Certificate Applied Positive Psychology Research. This part of the scholarship will result in a pilot-tested Positive Psychology Research Project that will contribute towards their scholarship theme.

The Certificate is designed to take up to 12 months to complete. It includes an independent learning process within our online Academy (5-7 hours / week over the first 3 months), individual supervision sessions via Zoom for research project guidance, and monthly group supervision calls via Zoom for peer support (6pm-7.30pm UK). Applicants must be able to commit to all of these areas.

Using a qualitative research method such as Grounded Theory, Narrative Inquiry, Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis, or Autoethnography, the study will examine if and how Positive Psychology may be a helpful intervention for community members within the given scholarship theme.

Assessment is via a written assignment (e.g. report, dissertation, or journal article) and live online presentation via Zoom. Individual learning needs will be taken into account during assessment to ensure the process is inclusive of difference and builds on the scholar’s strengths.

The scholar will be expected to contribute at least one white paper on their evolving research during their certification studies. They will also need to set aside on average 5-7 hours for research engagement on a weekly basis during 9 of the 12 month certification period.


Phase 2: Community Based Intervention

Following certification, the scholar will design, implement, and evaluate a practical community-based intervention to support members of a community in line with their scholarship theme. This should be based on case study research and further develop their certification research.

This second phase of the project is expected to take up to 6 months and should be presented as a journal article or conference paper with a recorded presentation.


Eligibility Criteria

We welcome applicants from a diverse range of backgrounds and geographical locations. Applicants will be assessed on skill, experience, vision, and character.

Applicants must be Certified Positive Psychology Practitioners with a relevant Level 5 qualification and professional experience.


  • Fluent English (written, spoken, reading)
  • Strong interest in practicing Positive Psychology in communities
  • Capacity to study at Level 5 (equivalent to Bachelors degree in the UK)
  • Available to start studying online in October 2024 (5-7 hours / week)
  • Able to commit to a one-year online research programme (5-7 hours / week)
  • Able to commit to a further 6 months of research (5-7 hours / week)
  • Professional experience in a community setting


  • Understanding of scientific research methods (qualitative, quantitative)
  • Professional experience in a community setting


Application Process

Please note that there are 3 places available for this scholarship as follows:

  • Three partially-funded places (£975 GBP + VAT)

Please state clearly in your application which scholarship theme you are applying for (Theme 1, 2, or 3 – please see the details on each at the top of this page).

The application deadline is Monday 15th July 2024. Interviews will take place online via Zoom during August 2024. The scholarship will begin on Thursday 24th October 2024 with a Zoom induction (6pm-7.30pm UK) followed by independent studies and supervision.


If you wish to apply for this scholarship, or you have questions, please contact us for further information at:

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