Journal Article & White Paper Submission Criteria

The Positive Psychology Centre welcomes proposals for journal articles and white papers from Positive Psychology researchers and practitioners who are Professional Members of the Positive Psychology Guild.

Please note the following criteria applies:

  1. The purpose of white papers and journal articles is to contribute original thought and promising ideas to Positive Psychology in research and practice. Both publications are fully online and run by the Positive Psychology Guild’s Positive Psychology Centre, which aims to further research and practice in collaboration with Certified Positive Psychology Practitioners.
  2. White papers are intended to share early research ideas and/or insights from professional practice. They are not peer reviewed but a member of our team will check the document prior to publication. Journal articles are intended to share completed research study findings that may contribute to professional practice. They are peer reviewed by a panel of experts. Both aim to contribute to the development of best practices, theories, and research in professional practice.
  3. The word limit for journal articles and white papers is 2,500-5,000 words. You may exceed this word limit with prior approval.
  4. We welcome multi-media components such as audio, visual, or audio-visual recordings that help to bring your words to life. These may be included as a URL link within the article or paper. Please keep any recordings below 10 minutes.
  5. We welcome insights from the fields of Positive Psychology Coaching, Training, Education, Organisational Development, and Research across a disciplinary range of topics that may be psychological, philosophical, and/or sociological in nature. We also welcome diversity and neurodiversity within the practitioner and their ideas.
  6. Please use APA style for your referencing.
  7. Please make sure you uphold professional integrity in your writing and presentation. This includes disclosing any personal opinions that may be biased, referring openly to other people’s work, and mentioning any professional insights beyond Positive Psychology.
  8. The promotion of services is not allowed within the journal text, however you may include your bio and business links at the end of your post (please see below questions). Any critical points must be backed up in a rigorous manner and professional research ethics respected.
  9. Please also keep in mind PPG’s professional guidelines, ethics, and values when creating your submission.
  10. Journal articles and white papers are published under the Positive Psychology Guild’s Positive Psychology Centre.


Frequently Asked Questions

May I include photos?

Yes. You are welcome to include any photo images with your article or paper if it is relevant to the context, however you must have permission and the licence to use the photos and share them in this format. Please note we may select an additional feature photo for the purpose of publication. We also reserve the right not to use your photos.

May I include a bio and business links?

Yes. There will be a space for your bio at the end of the article or paper. This will include your name, any professional titles, your work role or industry, and if you wish, a business website URL link. Please keep your bio to 150 words or less. Your post should not be linked to the promotion of an event unless otherwise agreed with the Positive Psychology Centre.

How do I submit my journal article or white paper?

First, please contact us to discuss your article or paper concept at:

What happens after my journal article or white paper is submitted?

There are two stages your article will go through. First, one of our team members will make sure the above criteria is in place. If there is a need to update or correct anything at this stage, we will come back to you. As a guideline, please allow 2-4 weeks for this.

Next, if you have submitted a journal article, it will be peer reviewed by a panel of Positive Psychology practitioners, researchers, and lecturers (as relevant to your field). Should the panel have any questions or comments on your article, you will be contacted. Once the article is approved, it will be prepared for the next available date of publication.

If you have submitted a white paper, this will be reviewed by a member of our team to check the content and format is in line with our editorial procedures. Once the paper is approved by our editorial team, it will be prepared for the next available date of publication.

How will the journal article or white paper be published?

Once the article is accepted by the committee, or the paper is approved by our editorial team, it will be published as an online article and/or paper with PDF download.

The online journal articles and white papers are currently open access – this means they may be freely circulated and downloaded for educational purposes.

For any further questions, or to discuss your article or paper concept, please contact: