Journal Submission Criteria

If you wish to submit a blog entry to the PPN journal please note the following criteria applies:

  1. Articles can be between 750 and 2500 words, and must be linked to a current journal theme. At present, the launch issue in development is exploring the question, How We Practice Positive Psychology. A set of questions is available for this theme on request. Please coordinate with us before submitting your article. The deadline for submissions on this theme is 1st September 2020.
  2. Articles may be linked to practitioner-led research studies, best practices, professional opinions, and literature reviews. If you refer to scientific research or other published works, please use APA style.
  3. Please make sure you uphold professional integrity. This includes disclosing any personal opinions that may be biased, referring openly to other people’s work, and mentioning any professional insights beyond Positive Psychology.
  4. The promotion of services is not allowed within the journal text, however you may include your bio and business links at the end of your post (please see below questions). Any critical points must be backed up in a rigorous manner and professional research ethics respected.
  5. Please also keep in mind PPG’s Professional Guidelines for Positive Psychology Practitioners, which you may access here.
  6. Entries must be original; in other words, you may not submit a journal entry that has been shared in another journal.


Common Questions

May I include photos?

Yes. You are welcome to include any photo images with your article if it is relevant to the context, however you must have permission and the licence to use the photos and share them on the PPN journal. If we happen to feature your article on the PPN homepage, please note we may select an additional feature photo. This will not affect the images within your article.

May I include a bio and business links?

Yes. We will include your bio at the end of the article. This will include your name, membership category, and work role and/or business link. It may include reference to your business services and contact details.

Please note your post should not be linked to the promotion of an event. We have a separate submission process for members who wish to advertise their events. Please contact us for further information at:

How do I submit my article?

Once your article is ready, please submit this to us at:

What happens after my article is submitted?

There are two stages your article will go through. First, one of our team members will make sure the above criteria is in place. If there is a need to update or correct anything at this stage, we will come back to you.

Next, the article will then be peer reviewed by a committee of Positive Psychology practitioners, researchers, and lecturers. This process may take 1-3 months. Should the committee have any questions or comments on your article, you will be contacted.

When will the article be published?

Once the article is accepted by the committee, it will be published online in the themed journal.