Independent External Accreditation and Quality Assurance Service

The Positive Psychology Guild (PPG) offers an independent accreditation service for training activities that fall within the wellbeing and positive mental health sector, but that fall outside of the RQF. This includes training courses, events and CPD.

What makes us different?

We specialise in training for Wellbeing and Positive Mental Health. We are experts within this area, and we are passionate about continuing professional development.

The process

If you would like your training interventions independently assessed and accredited against best practice guidelines, start by contacting us on:

Stage 1: An initial telephone conversation will be arranged to discuss the details.

Stage 2: You submit a full application which includes the submission of the indicated best practice policies that must be in place. If required, you can accept PPG policies and procedures to fill any gaps.

Stage 3: If provisionally accepted, PPG will assess your training materials, and make any recommendations required to reach our benchmark. This process is highly collaborative.

Stage 4: A site visit will be conducted to ensure that the facilities are acceptable and meet our benchmark. In the instance of online learning, the site visit will be to visit your offices / place of work.

Stage 5: Your Organisation receives accreditation and endorsement for all training activities.


PPG charges £500 for Organisational Assessment. This includes the site visit and assessment of a selection of your qualifications. The accreditation lasts for two years.


Approved Centres

If your key staff have the relevant regulated teaching / training qualifications, your approval can include being approved as a centre. You will then be able to deliver a range of PPG courses, qualifications and CPD. There is no additional cost for this within the assessment process, however, your learners will have to be registered with PPG as the awarding body, and certificates are issued by PPG. There is a registration fee of £25 per learner (which includes the certificate).

To find out more, contact us on: