CPD Accredited Positive Leadership & Engagement Training Course


Would you like to be able to design your own effective psychometric tests and find an individuals strengths, weaknesses, wants and needs?


An empowering and insightful Positive Psychology course designed for those managing, leading or utilising human potential…

The concept of strengths can be explained by aligning a persons naturally present virtues, and wants with a close-to-perfect job role. An example would be an introverted pragmatic detail driven individual – who would thrive in a small-team and quiet environment where the role was predominantly made up of detail-focussed tasks. For example: Data entry, Accounting, Computer Coding, Compliance etc. Now imagine and extroverted, creative, flamboyant social individual within the same role, or vice versa…

The problem, and therefore the opportunity is that many individuals are led by their needs rather than their wants, which means that they find themselves in a role, acquire skills, and then feel frightened about breaking out of this role to follow their true dreams and purpose. Their learned skills become so developed that many people start to consider them as strengths, when they may be developed weaknesses. Their actual weaknesses may be undeveloped strengths… The result is that the individual becomes drained and de-energised.

These latent strengths will often find their way out in the form of incongruent hobbies or abilities that suddenly emerge at the office Christmas Party. An example would be Steve from accounts suddenly takes the microphone at the Karaoke and blasts out a stunning rendition of “Gold Finger” by Shirley Bassey. When you identify and individuals strengths, you can ensure that a personal development plan is created which aligns in a resonant fashion.

The Course

This course explores the concept of strengths-based engagement. This subject considers how to identify strengths within your employees, co-workers and team – and fully engage people in tasks, personal development and organisational vision.

Many of the existing psychometric profiling formats available today – are formulated based on people making decisions and choices relating to the actions that they would take in a given scenario, or through locked down option-limiting questions purporting to discover someone’s “style”. They do not allow the participant to discover their strengths, which may be very different to their “learned skills”. People can become so well trained and experienced within a certain area, that they can be very good at their job, and yet extremely unhappy and de-energised because the role and tasks do not align with their strengths. This will often result in periods of absence, or in the worst case, someone searching for a new job – when the one that they have doesn’t fulfil them.


  • CPD Certificate
  • HR Toolkit with questionnaire templates
  • Understanding of the psychology of strengths & Creating questionnaires
  • Understanding of the psychology of Motivation
  • Workshop to find your own strengths
  • Membership of the Positive Psychology Network

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in the field of Positive Psychology – including: Managers, Leaders, HR Professionals and L&D Professionals. This course is mapped at Level 5 to signify the level of complexity

Course Delivery

The course is delivered with combined distance learning and taught workshops. There are five full day workshops within the complete diploma course, and several research projects and distance learning, which includes webinars and tutor talks.

Fees and booking onto the course

This one day course costs just £250 per delegate, and all profits are used for charitable activities within the Positive Psychology Network which supports disadvantaged members of the community including victims of crime, bullying and domestic abuse.

To book your place or express your interest, email: courses@ppnetwork.org

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