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Would you like to be able to integrate Neurodiversity & Inclusion awareness and policy into your professional practice or company workplace?

An empowering and insightful Neurodiversity & Inclusion course designed for those practicing, managing, and leading… and those who are neurodiverse themselves!

The concept of neurodiversity and being more inclusive of neurodivergent individuals in professional settings is on that has been gaining visibility.

Neurodiversity refers to a difference in the way that the brain receives and interprets information. The term includes autism, attention deficit, dyspraxia, dyslexia, and other conditions that affect the way we think, interpret, react and interact with the world around us.

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All too often, these differences in how the brain functions are seen as weaknesses not only by the workplace but sometimes also by the neurodivergent individuals themselves. Our aim is to help educate people on neurodiversity and highlight some of the strengths that these individuals can bring to their work, whether they are employed or self-employed.


The Course

This course explores the concept of neurodiversity and inclusion at work and how to create a positive organisational culture that includes neurodivergent individuals. It will raise your awareness of neurodiversity and a strengths-based approach to including neurodivergent individuals at work. It does this while also encouraging you to reflect on yourself and take action (or not) where needed.

This course will provide you with self-paced 6 x 2-hour recorded training sessions as follows:

Session 1: Introducing Neurodiversity & Inclusion

This session introduces neurodiversity and inclusion policy at work, and the concept of Psychologically Informed Environments – in other words, professional spaces where neurodivergent individuals feel safe to be themselves, engage their strengths, do their work, form positive working relationships, and ultimately be well and thrive.

Session 2: Engaging Neurodivergent Strengths

This session introduces Positive Psychology Character Strengths and Virtues and how to spot them in yourself and your team members or employees. You will learn how to identify strengths in your neurodivergent team members and facilitate team discussions and individual reflections on how to integrate neurodiverse strengths into organisational culture.

Session 3: Authenticity, Mental Health & Wellbeing

This session explores what authenticity is, why it matters to mental health and wellbeing from a neurodiverse perspective. It also explores the emotional and cognitive aspects of hope and fear, and obstacles and pathways to being authentic at work for neurodivergent individuals.

Session 4: Resilience in Systems, Groups & Individuals

This session explores the dynamics of resilience in individuals, groups, and systems at work. It explores the relevance of negative states and communications styles, and how organisational and professional communications can be developed to be more supportive to neurodivergent individuals.

Session 5: Positive Emotional Environments

This session introduces the concept of Positive Emotional Environments at work. It explores how to create positive emotional experiences in the workplace while making sense of the more challenging ones. It includes the emotional experiences of neurodivergent individuals and how emotions for some individuals may be experienced differently.

Session 6: Motivating & Engaging Neurodivergent Individuals 

This final session explores what neurodivergent individuals might want and need at work. It introduces motivational styles and how to tap into your motivational style – to motivate yourself and others. You will discuss and present what you have learned so far with your trainer and group, and identify actions to help carry your learning process forwards.



  • CPD Certificate of Participation (24 hours)
  • Positive Psychology Educational Tools (diagrams, worksheets)
  • Understanding of Strengths, Authenticity, Resilience, Positive Emotions & Motivation
  • Reflections on application of Neurodiversity & Positive Psychology concepts and theories to self
  • Reflections on application of Neurodiversity & Positive Psychology concepts and theories to work


Who should attend?

This CPD course is designed to be of interest and relevance to:

  • Managers & Leaders
  • HR Professionals, L&D Professionals
  • Organisational Development Specialists
  • Executive Coaches & Trainers
  • Psychology Practitioners
  • Psychology Students


Course Delivery

This course is delivered online by the Positive Psychology Guild’s online Academy. It is mapped at Level 3 to signify the level of complexity and emphasises practical learning.

There are six online workshops which are recorded and may be viewed at your own pace. Each workshop lasts 2 hours and covers a presentation, short break, discussion, individual reflections, and group sharing on concepts learned. You will also engage in practical and reflective activities in between the workshops. Please allow a further 2 hours each week for these.

On successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Participation with 24 CPD points accredited by the Positive Psychology Guild.

You may also apply to upgrade your certificate to a Level 3 Certificate Neurodiversity & Inclusion. To do this, you will complete a set of assignments based on knowledge acquired, reflective practice, and a workplace intervention. Please note a further 36 hours of learning is involved and an additional fee applies.


Course Fees & Bookings

The CPD course fee for the full series is £150 (May 2022+ fees). This includes:

  • Access to the Positive Psychology Academy
  • 6 x 2-hour group training sessions (recorded)
  • Additional learning materials and reflective practice guidance
  • Certificate of Participation on completion of the course

We recognise that some students may wish to purchase textbooks on Positive Psychology to supplement their learning resources. If you wish to budget in advance for this, we recommend setting aside a further £20-30.

To book your place or enquire further, please email: training@ppnetwork.org


Corporate Bookings

You may also request for this course to be made accessible to your team or employees at work. Corporate rates are available on request.

To book your place or enquire further, please email: training@ppnetwork.org


Course Conversion 

On completion of this course, you may convert to one of the below Level 5 Diplomas in Positive Psychology Practice and qualify as a Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner specialising in Neurodiversity & Inclusion:

On this route, you will complete 3 written assignments on one or more of the CPD session areas with 1:1 tutor guidance and feedback. You will then progress to Modules 2 and 3 of one of the above practitioner diplomas. Please note additional course fees apply.

With a recognised Positive Psychology Practitioner qualification such as those above, you will be able to apply to become a Professional Membership of the Positive Psychology Guild (PPG). This membership will provide you with insurance and liability coverage for practice in the UK and a free application to join the PPG Register of Practitioners.

For more information on Professional Membership, please click here.


Course Progression 

On completion of this course, you may also progress to the following qualification:

This qualification will ground you in the research and theory of Positive Psychology and application to self. It builds on what you have learned in this CPD course and broadens it to provide you with a richer learning outcome.

If you hold a Bachelors degree or above in Psychology or a related field, you may also progress to the Level 7 Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology Research. This route is ideal if you wish to drive the research behind Positive Psychology and conduct your own research study on Positive Leadership and Engagement.

For more details on training courses, please visit our website homepage here or contact us at: training@ppnetwork.org


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