Autism Spectrum Disorder: Oxymoron, Irony or just plain WRONG


The label Autism Spectrum Disorder is contradictory to strength-based approaches now becoming so widely adopted. Beyond this incongruence, the term is derogatory and based on deficit, as is the once triad – now dyad of impairments. Given the amount of order and structure required, and present within the lives of so many autistic individuals, the inclusion of the word disorder within the title is at least ironic!

Given that the brilliant term and concept of Neurodiversity has been around since 1998 (with thanks to Judy Singer) – acceptance of difference has to be the goal. Anything that gets in the way of that simply has to be challenged! I will be conducting a widespread national survey shortly to gain feedback from the Autistic Community, but I would like to suggest the term:

Autism Spectrum Profile (ASP). Given that I had my Aspie title taken away from me with its removal from diagnostic process. The term ASP is close enough and works for me. I also like reptiles, and the ASP is a mighty fine snake!

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