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Positive Psychology is a rapidly evolving field of research and practice.

Led by Martin Seligman during his presidency at the American Psychological Association in 1998, it is now known for establishing a scientific approach to the understanding of subjective human experiences such as hope, gratitude, and wellbeing.

You may well be familiar with research findings that promote the positive impact of integrating a gratitude practice or cultivating hope in your daily life. This course will provide you with the knowledge to understand why interventions such as these can have such a powerful effect on people’s states of minds and quality of life, and tools to facilitate these shifts in other people.

Study the science and philosophy of Positive Psychology for personal and professional development…

As a graduate from our Level 3 Certificate Positive Psychology Practice, you will be introduced to Positive Psychology research, theory, and application with a focus on strengths-based approaches. You may progress from here to our Level 5 Diploma Positive Psychology Fundamentals.

PPG has a strong relationship with Bucks New University which runs one of the Positive Psychology Courses at Masters degree level in the UK. Our Level 5 Positive Psychology diplomas prepare students to engage in a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) MSc degree course. Should you wish to progress to a MAPP following certification, PPG will provide an academic reference on your behalf. Acceptance will be subject to the usual University checks.


1. Course Overview

Successful completion of this course will certify you as a Positive Psychology Practitioner (Strengths-Based Approaches).

You will be introduced to the Applied Psychology of Character Strengths, Virtues, and Values. The Applied Science of Wellbeing and Philosophy of Flourishing runs throughout the course.

You will be trained in Positive Psychology Practitioner Skills for individuals and groups, and the ethics of running a professional practice.

On graduation, you will be qualified and certified to run a private Positive Psychology practice, or integrate what you have learned into an existing professional role.

You may also apply for Professional Membership with the Positive Psychology Guild, offers insurance and liability coverage for practice in the UK and Europe, and join the Register of Practitioners.

For further details on the course, please read on or contact:


Student Profiles

This course is designed for people who wish to gain a practical understanding of Positive Psychology while furthering their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

You will have already gained practical experience of working with individuals and/or groups in professional settings. This course will teach you how to integrate Positive Psychology psycho-education and interventions into your existing work.

The course welcomes qualified professionals such as:

  • Organisational Consultants
  • Business Leaders & HR Managers
  • Learning & Development Specialists
  • Educators, Teachers & Trainers
  • Coaches, Counsellors & Psychologists
  • Fitness Instructors & Personal Trainers
  • Sport Coaches & Psychologists


Course Delivery

This course is delivered online by the Positive Psychology Academy.

The Academy is a virtual learning environment where you will access your course materials and engage in a virtual study group led by your course tutor or trainer. Outside of live classes, you will participate in online discussion threads in the group and develop your assignments with peer support.


Entry Criteria

This is a Level 3-ranked qualification.

Level 3 is equivalent to A-Levels in the UK. It is also a common level for vocational training courses for adult learners such as this one.

To apply, you should hold a Level 2 qualification or above, or the equivalent (e.g. relevant work experience and professional training), and be willing to engage in Level 3 studies that are delivered through a blend of online group learning (live) and self-directed studies outside of class.

You will need to have a keen interest in personal development and wellbeing, and be curious about how people think, feel, behave, and change.

You must also have prior experience of working with people in a professional capacity (e.g. as a coach, trainer, teacher, or manager).

For further information or to apply, please contact us at:


Completion Time

The course training schedule is delivered over 6 weeks.

This is followed by a self-paced trainee supervision and observation period during the project intervention assignment. The course is designed to be completed within 6 months.

The total qualification time for this course is 180 hours. This includes the live training sessions, self-paced guided learning materials, personal and peer practice, assignments, a practitioner project and practice supervision (group and individual).


2. Course Outline

Level 3 Certificate Positive Psychology Practice (Strengths-Based Approaches)

On this course, you will be trained in Positive Psychology Client Engagement and the Applied Psychology of Strengths in professional practice.

You will gain practical knowledge and tools that you may use and develop to integrate Positive Psychology into an existing area of professional practice with individuals and/or groups.

On successful completion of this course, you will receive a Level 3 Certificate Positive Psychology Practice (Strengths-Based Approaches) and be certified to practice within the subject area of strengths using psychoeducation, guided reflective practice, and positive intervention facilitation skills.

For further details, please read on or contact us at:


Group Training Cycle

Your course will begin with a 6-week Group Training Cycle (GTC). During this time, you will attend weekly training sessions of 3 hours each where you will be introduced to professional practice, psychoeducation, and positive interventions.


You will study and practice:

  • Session 1: Professional Practice
  • Session 2: Strengths-Based Approaches
  • Session 3: Strengths Interventions
  • Session 4: Strengths Psychoeducation
  • Session 5: Strengths Reflective Practice
  • Session 6: Strengths Practitioner Project

You will engage in peer exchange and reflective practice throughout the cycle. On completion, you will transition to 1:1 supervision and trainee practice observation while you complete a Positive Psychology strengths practitioner project.


3. Certification

This certificate is accredited by the Positive Psychology Guild (PPG).

PPG is a Not for Profit Organisation and a government registered learning provider with a UK Provider Reference Number: 10067939. It is also a CPD Group accredited provider (777427).

On successful completion of your diploma, you will receive a certificate stating that you hold a Level 3 Certificate in Positive Psychology Practice and may use the letters PPGCert after your name.

For further information, please contact us at:


Professional Membership

On successful completion of this qualification, you may apply to join the Positive Psychology Guild as a Professional Member and Registered Positive Psychology Practitioner.

For more information on membership services, please click here.


Course Progression

On certification, you may progress to one of the following qualifications:

For further details, please contact us at:


CPD Training Events

As an Academy member or graduate, you will be invited to CPD training events run by the Positive Psychology Centre.

Recorded events include Positive Education and Positive Leadership & Engagement. Upcoming live events include Positive Health and Positive Organisations.

For information and bookings on upcoming events, please contact us at:


4. Next Steps

Upcoming enrolment dates for this course are:

  • Enrolment: Wednesday 5th June 2024 (Application deadline: 15th May 2024)
  • Session 1: Wednesday 12th June, 4pm-7pm (UK)
  • Session 2: Wednesday 19th June, 4pm-7pm (UK)
  • Session 3: Wednesday 26th June, 4pm-7pm (UK)
  • Session 4: Wednesday 10th July, 4pm-7pm (UK)
  • Session 5: Wednesday 17th July, 4pm-7pm (UK)
  • Session 6: Wednesday 24th July, 4pm-7pm (UK)
  • Final Project: September – December 2024

For further information, please contact:


Online Application Form


Please see the application deadlines above. It may take up to two weeks to process your application.

To enquire about your application, please contact:


Course Fees

The certificate qualification fee is £1450 (September 2023+ fees) plus VAT (20%) = £1740.

The course fee includes:

  • Access to the Positive Psychology Academy
  • Access to self-paced interactive study material
  • Group training, supervision, and assessments
  • Certification on successful completion of the course

Payment options include:

  • Single payment during enrolment with a £100 discount (£1350 plus VAT = £1620)
  • PPG Payment Plan – deposit (£850 plus VAT = £1020) and 2 monthly instalments (£300 plus VAT = £360)


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Positive Psychology Guild?

The Positive Psychology Guild is a limited company with not-for-profit status and a UK government registered learning provider. It trains, certifies, and insures Positive Psychology Practitioners, and accredits Positive Psychology courses and qualifications. For further information, please click here.

How many hours of studying a week should I expect?

We estimate 5-7 hours a week (this includes group calls) with additional hours during assignment phases over a 6 month period. The maximum course completion timeline is one year, and if a slower pace is needed, this is possible on request.

What is the Total Qualification Time (TQT) for this course?

The TQT is set at 180 hours. This includes class time, participation in online Academy study group discussion threads, reading/watching the materials provided, further reading of your own initiative, peer practice, project delivery, practice supervision and observation, and written and oral assignments.

Which certification will I receive?

You will receive a Level 3 Certificate Positive Psychology Practice (Strengths) on graduation.

Do graduates go on to practice professionally after this degree?

Yes. Our Level 3 graduates typically integrate what they have learned into an existing professional role at work (e.g. management, coaching, teaching) or in private practice.

Will I be insured to practice professionally after certification?

On certification, you may apply for Professional Membership with the Positive Psychology Guild (see here).

The Professional Membership package includes liability and insurance coverage to practice Positive Psychology within the scope of your qualification in the UK. This practice covers talk-based Positive Psychology psycho-education and interventions (e.g. coaching, training, facilitation).

For more information on membership, please contact:

Will this course prepare me for a MAPP degree?

This course is set at Level 3. A Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) is equivalent to Level 7.

We generally recommend completing one of the below Level 5 Diplomas before applying for a MAPP degree:

I want to apply to this course but I’m not academic – can I still apply?

Yes. We welcome both academic and practical learners onto this course. The course emphasis is on the practical aspects of applying Positive Psychology however understanding of research (e.g. how to read and make sense of journal articles and research studies) is important and will be taught.

I am interested in Positive Psychology research – what are my options?

On completion of a Level 5 Diploma Positive Psychology Practice, you may progress to the Level 7 Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology. This certificate is an exciting opportunity to explore practical questions you may have about the application of Positive Psychology and develop your own research contribution to the field.

I am neurodivergent – is it possible for me to apply?

Yes. The Positive Psychology Guild and its Academy welcome applications from neurodivergent individuals.

Amongst our student base are individuals with autism, dyslexia, OCD, and ADHD. Some may need to be assessed differently (e.g. oral rather than written assignments) while others may need more one-to-one trainer support. Some may excel in independent learning and need no additional support.

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