About Us

The Positive Psychology Guild is a Not for Profit Organisation and a government registered learning provider with a UK Provider Reference Number: 10067939.  We are also a CPD Group Certified Provider dedicated to raising the standards of training and continuing professional development.


The Positive Psychology Guild (PPG) was formed with a constitution and a charter containing the following objectives:

  1. A professional membership body for Positive Psychology Practitioners and Strengths-Based Autism & Neurodiversity Practitioners, including coaches, trainers, facilitators, educators, and counsellors;
  2. Independent Accreditation for non RQF Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing Training;
  3. Dedicated to providing training and educational activities for disadvantaged and disengaged members of the community;
  4. Enhancing human potential, happiness, wellbeing and flourishing;
  5. A thought leader within the fields of Positive Psychology and Strengths-Based Autism & Neurodiversity, and their applications across industry, culture and communities.



The organisation operates under the following names:

The Positive Psychology Guild (PPG) is our official name. It is also the lead for our professional and organisational membership services for Positive Psychology Practitioners and Researchers worldwide.

The Positive Psychology Network (PPN) is our organisational communications hub for events and activities. It includes our website, blog, newsletter, journal, and online and in-person events.

The Positive Psychology Autism Centre (PPAC) runs the NICER Kitemark Initiative (NICER = Neurodiversity Inclusive Confident Employer Review). It also partners with PPA on the delivery of the Autism & Neurodiversity Programme.

The Positive Psychology Academy (PPA) is the online learning platform for students on PPG courses. It runs the Positive Psychology and Autism & Neurodiversity Programmes.

The Positive Psychology Centre (PPC) is our research and CPD training centre. It is currently leading initiatives on Positive Psychology for Positive Health, Positive Education, and Positive Organisations.



We serve as a think tank, research institution, training provider, awarding body and membership organisation for Positive Psychology Practitioners Internationally. We offer a bridge between coaches, trainers, facilitators,  consultants, entrepreneurs, teachers, mentors, and researchers who integrate Positive Psychology into their client, student, and project services, and psychologists, counsellors, and psychotherapists engaged in positive therapy.

While Positive Psychology is different to many other talking therapies and counselling, it doesn’t mean it is not therapeutic. More and more counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, and social workers are turning to Positive Psychology as an alternative approach or “missing piece” in their practice. We welcome students and members who practice talk therapies and counselling and wish to integrate Positive Psychology into their work.



Together with our social hub, the Positive Psychology Network, we aim to become a world leading network of Positive Psychology Practitioners and Strengths-Based Autism Practitioners. We aim to uphold and lead on our Professional Guidelines for Positive Psychology Practitioners within the linked disciplines of Coaching, Training, and Facilitation through Positive Psychology. We also aim to uphold and lead on our Professional Guidelines for Autism Awareness Practitioners.

Our guidelines build on and integrate current national occupational standards and best practice guidelines such as the following:



We value education, diversity and the natural desire of every person to cultivate their strengths in life and work, and to find ways to express their authentic selves. Our courses are designed to stimulate personal and professional development, and encourage each student to engage positively and to grow. We welcome neurodiversity and students on the autism spectrum.

We also work towards a set of Positive Paradigms. A paradigm in this regard is a set of values, ideas, perspectives, and way of thinking. Whether we are engaging with members, students, researchers, organisations, or other stakeholders, our 3 Positive Paradigms are: (1) Person-Centred/Led; (2) Strengths-Based; (3) Hope-Oriented. Each of these paradigms weaves its way into how we think, teach, research, work, and communicate.

As staff members, consultants, volunteers, and practitioners, we also strive to follow our own Professional Guidelines and 3 Core Values for Positive Psychology Practitioners: (1) Confident Practice; (2) Authentic Leadership; (3) Professional Integrity.



As an education provider, our teaching philosophy is based on education for all. Our students join us from all walks of life and all phases of personal and professional development. Each student matters to us; so too does the purpose behind what, why and how they want to learn.

We keep in mind the teachings of ancient Greek philosophers, who believed in questioning and reasoning, and fostering good judgment, moral virtue, and wisdom, as well as contemporary leaders, activists, educators, and philosophers who advocate for intelligence and character, and an active student-teacher dialogue.

Our aim is to empower students and give them autonomy over their own learning whilst supporting them through each stage of the process.



We foster a strong relationship with Bucks New University Positive Psychology Department (MAPP), and collaborate with students and graduates as members and practitioners on research, raising standards and building awareness of this emerging and powerful discipline. Our founder is currently completing a Doctoral Research Project with Sheffield Hallam University.

We also partner with Inner Athletics Ltd. on course delivery as a PPG-approved accredited learning centre, and with Combat Academy Community Support Division and G.E.T. Therapy on community-focused research.


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