2021/2022 Course Prospectus Launch!

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We’re delighted to announce the launch of our 2021/2022 Course Prospectus!

If you have been considering a pathway as a Positive Psychology Practitioner, our Level 5 Diplomas in Positive Psychology Coaching Practice, Positive Psychology Training Practice, and Positive Organisational Psychology may be exactly what you’re looking for. These 3 Positive Psychology Practitioner Pathways will help you build the academic rigour, scientific evidence base, and professional skill set needed to practice.

Also re-launching in May 2022 are our Level 7 Certificate and Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology Research. We have refreshed the curriculum so that there is a smoother transition from the Level 5 Practitioner Pathways above into practical and/or academic research. You will be equipped to lead your own research projects in your professional practice and, if you wish, better prepared to progress to further academic research.

If you are interested in our Level 5 Diploma in Positive Psychology Somatics Practitice, please stay tuned. We are set to launch this in September 2022. The delay has been due to our efforts to bring it in line with our other 3 Practitioner Pathways, allowing for general rather than specialised entry criteria. It will share the same first module as the other pathways so if you wish to get started with your studies now, you may enrol in our Level 5 Diploma in Positive Psychology Fundamentals (Module 1) and progress to the Somatics Pathway in September 2022. This qualification also allows for progression to more specialised research at Level 7.

To download a copy of the current prospectus, please click on: PPG Course Prospectus April 2021-2022 (3.11.21)

Please note the course costs are mentioned in the links above.

For more information, or to apply to one of these courses, please contact us at: training@ppnetwork.org

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