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Hopeful Fear & Fearful Hope: A Polar Perspective

Hope / Positive Psychology / Uncategorized
ABSTRACT: The concept of hope and its study lies within the discipline of positive psychology. Thus far, C.R. Snyder (2002)...
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Defining Courage

Coaching / Cognitive Positive Psychology / Counselling / Positive Psychology / Strengths
Courage Is a word often used to describe an act despite the presence of fear. It is often used interchangeably...
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Asking The Wrong Questions About Autism

I think that to consider “all people” of any group as a whole is incorrect. Assuming that all people have...
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Are You Compelled Or Impelled?

Interesting question, and one that seeks to find the root of all motivation… Do you do what you want and...
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The Concept of Strengths within Positive Psychology

Coaching / Counselling / Positive Psychology / Strengths
This Log attempts to explore the idea of strengths as defined within the field of positive psychology and will define...
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The Art And Science Of Public Speaking

Coaching / Strengths
If you are one of many people who are terrified of public speaking  then you are probably in a majority!...
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Study With Us

What is it Like to Study Positive Psychology?

Studying Positive Psychology is an exciting and dynamic way to further your professional profile and develop further skills in your...
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Use Positive Organisational Psychology at Work

The Level 5 Positive Organisational Psychology Diploma is designed for Managers, Leaders, HR and Learning & Development Professionals who wish...
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Become a Positive Psychology Practitioner & Coach

There is now an exciting opportunity to become a professional Positive Psychology Practitioner and Coach with the Positive Psychology Network....
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Autism Awareness for Managers & Practitioners

This CPD Accredited Level 5 Award course has been designed with in-depth consultation with families and individuals on the Autistic...
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Professional Development

Sales Psychology Workshop (CPD)

Fully CPD Certified Sales Psychology Workshop This exciting workshop blends the science behind understanding and mastering fear within the sales...
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Positive Leadership & Engagement Course (CPD)

Would you like to be able to design your own effective psychometric tests and find an individuals strengths, weaknesses, wants...
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Mental Health First Aid & Wellbeing At Work (ToT)

A fully certified course aimed at HR Professionals, Managers and those in-charge of staff wellbeing. This in-depth course covers some...
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Positive Online Citizenship Programme

The internet has transformed the world and connected the planet whilst simultaneously disconnecting people from positive human values. The internet...
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