Wellbeing CPD Course for Managers and HR Professionals

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A fully certified course aimed at HR Professionals, Managers and those in-charge of staff wellbeing.

This in-depth course covers some of the fundamental areas of wellbeing within an organisational context:

Strength-based engagement and development

This subject falls within the area of Positive Psychology.  Engagement of Strengths is an area now considered to be fundamental to the happiness, flourishing and wellbeing levels of staff. Strengths consider the activities, tasks and job-roles that will resonate with what a person loves to do and should be doing. It is not just about what we are good at doing or have learned as a skill. This area taps into fitting the right person with the right role at a deeper level than psychometric testing. In terms of staff retention, positive culture and mental health at work, a strength-based approach is the future!

Joint Mental Health Risk Assessment & First Aid

Before Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) comes Mental Health Risk Assessment (MHRA) as a prevention based approach. Understanding and mitigating the risks should be the first approach, and MHFA instances should be reduced. Understanding how to recognise the signs of Mental Health issues and to handle the situation and any resulting referral pathways will eventually become law in the UK, but at the moment the most forward thinking organisations are already investing in the training and embedding the culture and processes.

Psychologically Informed Environment (PIE)

The concept of a PIE is one where managers embrace the concepts of mental health, but also diversity within this context. Understanding that resilience levels vary, that anxiety can be reduced and that supporting those with learning disabilities at work enhances the equality and diversity agenda significantly. Areas such as Autism, Introversion, Subject Based Anxiety, Gender Profiling, Racial Profiling are all explored within this unit

Wellbeing Strategies

Understanding some of the leading models within wellbeing such as: PERMA, The wellbeing wheel, Inner Athletics Models, mindfulness, and flow – together with strategies, tactics and real-world programmes and tools that you can implement at work are all explored within this unit

Course Delivery

The course is delivered with a blended approach containing online learning, skype workshops and a taught session / workshop at your place of work.

Length Of Course

It is anticipated that individuals will complete the course within a four week period


Successful candidates will receive a Level 3 Certificate in Wellbeing at Work awarded by the Positive Psychology Guild and CPD certified.


The course costs just £250. For an organisation enrolling more than one individual, the first registration is £250 and subsequent registrations are just £100 thereafter up to 5 maximum.

To enquire or enroll, email: wellbeing@ppnetwork.org

Idris Mohamed SAC Dip, Dip,ed, MITD, MSc, PhD This Article was written by Idris Mohamed SAC Dip, Dip,ed, MITD, MSc, PhD
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