Romy Brooks

Romy Brooks is a qualified Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist currently studying for a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology. She has a special interest in autism & has studied & worked within this field since her daughter's diagnosis 2001. Romy has interests in the creative arts having worked as a professional actress & as a singer-songwriter. Romy also works as a family support co-ordinator for a national charity & is in the process of developing a strengths-based well-being programme tailored to the families she supports. In her academic studies, she is interested in looking at the psychological & emotional courage needed in the development & deepening of intimate relationships & how this courage may differ (or not) from other relationships. Romy's passions extend to Esoteric studies, Tantra, Buddhism, sex, shadow self, golden self & Carl Jung. She is very interested in sacred geometry, flower of life, the mer-ka-ba, lucid dreaming & the combining of spirituality & science. She is looking at the interplay between Courage, Acceptance & Trust in dealing with the darker aspects of self & a need for humour!

Have we been conditioned by societal norms to be less authentic and is there a gender difference in how authenticity is expressed

After having a conversation with a friend & colleague on authenticity, I wondered if there could be a gender...
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Ponderings On Control

Creating meaning when experiencing challenging times, can help support an individual's resilience & adaptive processes to better cope with their...
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Growing Pains

As an adult, I would say I am socially adept with occasional bouts of extraversion. This has grown through...
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