Accredited Level 5 Award: Autism Awareness Course for Managers & Practitioners

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This CPD Accredited Level 5 Award course has been designed with in-depth consultation with families and individuals on the Autistic Spectrum. It is cutting edge and based on best practice guidelines and can be delivered within either a taught or distance learning environment (DL). Full tutor support is given throughout the course if the DL option is selected, and it is anticipated that the course will take approximately four weeks to complete. PPN and Bucks New University partner on Autism research, and have launched the UK Autism Centre. The centre has an open collaboration and co-production ethos, and welcomes discussion and partnership with other Organisations and Individuals.

Unit1: Understanding Autism

  • In-depth study and critical analysis of how autism has come to be defined and diagnosed
  • An exploration of common difficulties often faced by people with autism
  • An appreciative Inquiry into some of the strengths and unique attributes of people with autism
  • Exploring common stereotypes about people on the autism spectrum
  • Creating positive and enabling environments for people on the autism spectrum.


Unit 2: Autism & Communication

  • Explore and discuss language and communication use and reflect on your own communication style
  • In-depth understanding of variations in use of language and communication in autism
  • Explore and identify factors that can impact on (successful) communication
  • Recognise and respond to the natural communication preferences of people on the autism spectrum.


Unit 3: Autism & Sensory experience

  • Describe and discuss how people process information and how to identify your own preferences
  • Understand differences in how people on the autism spectrum experience and process information
  • Identify the impact of sensory differences on every day life for people on the autism spectrum
  • Recognise and respond to sensory needs of people on the autism spectrum.


Unit 4: Autism & Anxiety / Stress

  • Explore the concept and impact of stress for those on the Autistic Spectrum
  • Develop and understanding of how stress and anxiety are experienced by autistic people
  • Identify mechanisms to reduce the impact of the stress and anxiety experienced by autistic people
  • Collaborative design of coping strategies – working with Autistic people


Unit 5: Support Strategies

  • Explore the family dynamic and impact on the families, teams and organisations where there are members on the autism spectrum
  • Identify support needs and strategies required by people on the autism spectrum
  • How to plan and respond to the changing support needs of families that include members on the autism spectrum as a long term – lifelong process

Course costs

The course costs just £500 as a whole to achieve the full Award, or can be taken as individual CPD units at £100 each. 50 percent of proceeds from this course will be donated directly to POINT SEND Oldham (Registered Charity)

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