The 2019 Positive Psychology At Work Programme

Positive Organisational Psychology

Is your organisation or department a Psychologically Informed Environment? Leading organisations take positive action to increase wellbeing at work…

The Postive Psychology Network is proud to announce a National Programme to increase Wellbeing at work and the development of Psychologically Informed Environments…

A highly valuable series of training sessions, workshops and elearning and consultancy is being launched with the aim of creating wellbeing focussed organisations and psychologically aware environments at work.

All of the following training is included within the package*

The programme includes subsidised staff CPD training for member Organisations within the followng areas:

  • Stress at work – learn strategies and inform policy with this interactive workshop aimed at both management and non management staff.
  • Mental Health First Aid – become a trained mental health first aider with this one day practical course supported by e-learning.
  • Wellbeing Strategies – increase the productivity, health and happiness within your organisation.
  • Autism Awareness – an essential diversity and equality course designed to give you an understanding of the benefits of employing an individual with Autism, combined with strategies to enable you to support existing staff.
  • Level 5 Diploma: Positive Psychology for Managers and Leaders – this incredible course is designed for senior manager and leaders who want to inspire and impell others, and to create a postive organisational culture
  • Resilience Training – learn how to create a culture of resilience and to build a resilient workforce
  • Strength-based engagement and development – this is a truly transformational course for HR professionals and Managers who want to learn about the power of developing and engaging people based on strengths and values rather than skills. You will learn to create and use strength-finder questionnaires, and to use strengths as part of the recruitment process.
  • Motivation – this subject is fundamental to the achievement of goals and targets. Learn how to motivate your staff intrinsically with an understanding of hope vs fear…

Sign up today and access over £10,000 worth of training for your staff, and in the process you will be supporting PPN in the Improvement of mental health at work.

Organisations can sign up from as little as £500 depending on their size, and through the unique seminars, webinars and e-learning, ALL of their staff can access the training. The programme presents a tremendous opportunity for organisations to access valuable training and transform their workplaces into productive and positive environments…

*Package rates apply

£500 up to 10 staff

£750 from 10 – 25 staff

£1000 from 25 – 50 staff

£1500  from 50 to 100 staff

£2000 for 100 – 250 staff

Non SME Over 250 staff (by application)

PIE Awards (Psychologically Informed Environment)

Member Organisations will be automatically entered for the 2019 PIE Awards. The awards will see recognition in a number of catagories all aimed at assessing the practical applications of the training. The aim is to raise money for the National Autistic Society. Non members will be able to enter the awards via application.

To find out more and to discuss getting involved, email:


Idris Mohamed SAC Dip, Dip,ed, MITD, MSc, PhD This Article was written by Idris Mohamed SAC Dip, Dip,ed, MITD, MSc, PhD
High Functioning Autistic Individual. Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management, Certified CPD speaker, lecturer and researcher. Expertise within the fields of Applied Positive Psychology, Education & Training and...